Many of you already know that Mod Cloth often has Anthropologie look alikes. Well, that sounds great…get the Anthro look for less! But when you compare price and overall visual aesthetic, which comes out on top? That’s what we’re going to look at today!

The system will work like this. I compare Anthro and Mod Cloth look-alikes and dub one the winner of overall aesthetic and then one the winner overall (so price is factored in). Just for fun, I’ll also look at the names and dub a winner in that category. However, the name won’t factor into either of the other categories. Again, it’s just for fun. Ready? Let’s get started!

The online community has been buzzing about the Hallowed Halls Oxfords from Anthro, pictured left and at $128. Mod Cloth’s Bow’n Places Heels are sold out at the moment, but they go for the price of $117.99. 

Bow'n Places Heel

So which wins?

Aesthetic: Anthro, because Mod Cloth’s version just looks cheaper in comparison

Overall: Anthro, hands down…the extra money is not much and will be well worth it in this case

Name Game: This one is a toughy. Both paint a nice picture…Anthro makes me think of walking down the halls at an institution such as Harvard (I know that doesn’t totally work with the definition of “hallowed”, but give me this one please?!). But in the end, Mod Cloth’s name is just too cute for it not to win!

EDIT: Julie left me a comment letting me know that, in fact, these two are more than just look alikes. They are the same brand, All Black. I apologize for the mistake on my part. It just goes to show you that better photography really does make a difference (I think that the reason Mod Cloth’s version look cheaper/more drab is due to the photo quality).

Brown Butter Heel

Anthro’s Ringsend Heels ($90) aren’t quite as look-alike as Mod Cloth’s Brown Butter Heels ($67.99), but they have the overall same vibe.

So who wins?

Aesthetic: Again, got to give this one to Anthro…refined and polished.

Overall: If you have the money, Anthro would be prefered, but in the end Mod Cloth will give the same feeling and therefore wins.

Name Game: Mod Cloth wins this one…brown butter…mmmm…makes me want to bake!

Come Dancing Heel

Anthro’s Pin-Up Pumps ($90) look pretty much identical to Mod Cloth’s Come Dancing Heels ($92.99). Fooled? Don’t be. Turns out, they are identical.

So who wins?

Aesthetic: N/A

Overall: Anthro…same shoe, less money!

Name Game: Anthro, although Mod Cloth puts up a fight with a nice invitation

T-Strap is for Terrific Sandal

Once again, Anthro’s Great Crossing Sandals ($98) aren’t twins with Mod Cloth’s T-Strap is for Terrific ($27.99). But still, they’re similar enough.

So who wins?

Aesthetic: Anthro’s is too cute to resist.

Overall: Mod Cloth’s price can’t be beat..they’re terrific (I crack myself up sometimes…okay, bad joke…in case you didn’t get it, look at its name)!

Name Game: Anthro wins this one, making me think of deserts and to biblical times, painting a beautiful pictures. Mod Cloth is just to childish to me (sometimes stuff like that works, but in comparison to Anthro, it doesn’t).

Cocktails in the Cabana SkirtCricket Match Skirt

Wondering why there’s three? Well the top left is Anthro’s Aniseed Skirt (price?), no longer available. Top right is Mod Cloth’s Cocktails in the Cabana Skirt  ($31.99). Bottom is Mod Cloth’s Cricket Match Skirt ($41.99)

So who wins in this triple duel?

Aesthetic: It’s a tie between Anthro and Mod Cloth’s Cricket Match Skirt. They’re near identical. The Cocktails skirt channels a little too much inner child for me, not giving off the same sophisticated vibe.

Overall: Hands down, the Cricket Match Skirt because you can’t get its look-alike at Anthro anymore, and anyway, I’m sure it’s better than what Anthro’s price was.

Name Game: Anthro wins this one…it just works for me and captures me. With a fun name like Cocktails in the Cabana, Mod Cloth is a close second.

Yacht Lace Cardigan

Anthro’s Field Game Cardigan ($59.95 on sale) and Mod Cloth’s Yacht Lace Cardigan ($54.99)

So who wins?

Aesthetic: Anthro, because Mod Cloth’s has unfortunate cheap looking buttons

Overall: On sale, without question Anthro…however, Mod Cloth could work if you did the quick fix of replacing the buttons.

Name Game: This one is hard for me. To be honest, neither capture my imagination a ton. Anthro’s name is intriguing, but I don’t see it fitting in with the sweater itself particularly well. I got to hand it to Mod Cloth, because I think its sweater and name at least correlate.

Scandinavian Sweetheart Dress

Anthro’s Fragmented Reflections Dress ($198) and Mod Cloth’s Scandinavian Sweetheart Dress ($89.99)

So who wins?

Aesthetic: This is a toss-up and I’m not sure…Anthro has the vintage touch while Mod Cloth has the  more modern infused…hmmm…perhaps Mod Cloth because it may be easier for more people to pull off?? Personal preference for sure here.

Overall: Mod Cloth definitely, with its price

Name Game: Unlike the last duel, Anthro has a name that grips me. So it’s Anthro for the win!

Thyme After Thyme Top

Both pieces are scholarly and have the option to have that naughty secretary vibe: Anthro’s Whitecaps Blouse  ($68) and Mod Cloth’s Thyme After Thyme Top ($64.99)

So who wins?

Aesthetic: Although either shirt could really make an outfit, Anthro wins by a smidge with its more refined version. Really though, either could do.

Overall: It’s a toss-up, but Anthro for me.

Name Game: I actually like both these names quite a bit. Mod Cloth’s name fits with the shirt and I like that when you use thyme’s homophone time, it makes me think about wearing this classic shirt time and time again. However, Anthro wins because its name just makes me think of vacation and adventure, which is too hard to resist. It’s an Anthro sweep this round!

Invitation to Style Dress

Anthro’s Vestiges Dress ($148) and Mod Cloth’s Invitation to Style Dress ($137.99)

So who wins?

Aesthetic: Although I’m not a fan of Anthro’s print on top, the dress still has more detailing (look at the bottom of the skirt, for example) and makes this classic silhouette all the more modern. So, Anthro it is.

Overall: The price isn’t a huge difference, so Anthro pulls ahead. If Mod Cloth’s version was a lot cheaper than Anthro’s, perhaps it could have stood a chance.

Name Game: Again, not in love with either name, but Mod Cloth would have to win. Its name points out that the piece is classic and a sure way to ensure style.

Summer Wheat Dress

Maybe this isn’t quite fair…it’s a blouse against a dress. But I can’t help it. They have a similar feel to them. It’s Anthro’s Tambour Blouse ($98) and Mod Cloth’s Summer Wheat Dress ($67.99).

So who wins?

Aesthetic: Can I please call a tie on this one? I think they’re equally beautiful. If I had to choose though, I suppose I’d pick Mod Cloth for its rich mustard color, as opposed to Anthro’s light blue (which could be beautiful but could not work on certain skin tones).

Overall: Hands down, it’s Mod Cloth for me on this one. You get a dress, so a more complete outfit, as opposed to a blouse, and it’s less money to boot. Not to mention that it’s gorgeous.

Name Game: Another hard one this is proving to be! Both names fit their garment nicely. Perhaps…oh, this sure is difficult…umm…it has to be a tie! Both paint a great picture in my head and I just can’t choose!

Business Trip Dress

Anthro’s Sunwashed Dots Shirtdress ($128) and Mod Cloth’s Business Trip Dress ($51.99)

So who wins?

Aesthetic: This one is hard. I love the pop of color from Anthro, but I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of the look of the stripes. Mod Cloth has a subtle pinstripe which is to die for (and a beautiful paper bag inspired waist), but it looks a bit drab when compared to the vibrant Anthro version. In the end, Mod Cloth wins! Don’t worry, there is a method to my madness!

Overall: At nearly a third of the price of Anthro, it’s an easy win for Mod Cloth. To spice up the look, remove the brown belt and give the dress a dynamic replacement (that’s part of the reason it wins for aesthetic, you see). Gee, I almost have convinced myself to order this dress!

Name Game: Although I’m kind of baffled by Anthro’s name (where are the dots?!!), I like it better than Mod Cloth’s  uptight name. Neon Forest Dress

Anthro’s Baby’s Breath Dress ($168) and Mod Cloth’s Neon Forest Dress ($74.99)

So who wins?

Aesthetic: On it’s own, Anthro’s version is the more mature, grown up version of the two. With the right accessories, it could be modernized, but it has the potential for matronliness. Mod Cloth’s version is the hip, young, version with no need for rightly chosen accessories to “youngen” it (hehe, I made up a word, didn’t I!?). This is a tough one, but I’m going to have to go with Anthro, because it’s made of silk and Georgette, unlike Mod Cloth’s polyester version.

Overall: Anthro, although Mod Cloth could be a nice alternative

Name Game: Both names hook me and fit their garment perfectly. It’s a toss-up here. I guess I’ll have to go with Mod Cloth, because its name paints a gorgeous, vivid picture in my mind (Anthro’s is gorgeous but more subtle…again this was a hard choice!).

Violet Hill Dress

Anthro’s Night Fever Dress ($158) and Mod Cloth’s Violet Hill Dress ($117.99)

So who wins?

Aesthetic: I’m loving the effortlessness of the Anthro version, but the subtle stripe in Mod Cloth’s version puts up a hard fight. Hmmm….another hard one. If I had to choose, it would be Anthro, because again, it just looks refined.

Overall: I don’t think you could go wrong with either of these, so with that being said, Mod Cloth wins (the price pushed it to victory).

Name Game: Another hard one, but Mod Cloth wins. I think of Provence and lavender covering the landscape (wrong flower, I know, but still).

And that wraps it up. But before I leave this post, let’s take a look at the final scores. Anthro comes out on top with 8 out of 13 votes for aesthetic (Mod Cloth with 3 and one N/A vote and one tie vote). Mod Cloth wins overall with 7 votes, although Anthro was close with 6. And finally, in the name game category, we have a tie! Mod Cloth and Anthro each got 6 votes and 1 tie! So what’s the moral of the story? It seems that Anthro usually creates the most gorgeous pieces, but if you’re on a budget, Mod Cloth can give you the same look for less. You just need to look around and you may be surprised with what you find.

I hope you enjoyed this post! It was fun for me to write and I’d love to hear input (both on the type of post itself and content…in fact, you could do your own tally with the same pieces and I’d love to hear!). I’d be  more than glad to do posts like this in the future if you readers enjoyed it!