Being a fashion enthusiast, I’ve watched The Devil Wears Prada many-no scratch that-countless times. It’s a dream world to me…fashion magazine, NYC, Paris, fashion, NYC, Paris, and did I mention fashion, Paris, and NYC?! Anyway, I was flipping through channels and happened to come across this wonderful movie. It has inspired my post today. We’re going to take a look at looks from the movie and how to recreate them–using only Anthropologie, of course (considering the movie has been out for years now, maybe I’m the 100th person to do this–I’m not sure–but I still thought it might be interesting)! The movie is mostly set during the winter season, so as a twist I’m going to try to create a summer version of each look. Hence, it’s not going to be as look-alike as you might think. Remember, the looks from the movie are inspiration. In no way should they be exactly replicated. When drawing inspiration, you should always keep in mind your own aesthetic and style (for more on this subject, you should check out the lovely Tim Gunn’s book titled Tim Gunn: A Guide to Quality, Taste and Style–and no, I am not paid to say this but, hey, I’m in love with Tim!). Now, getting started with looks from the main character, Andy (please note, if you click on the Anthro clothes pictures, it should link you to Anthro’s website if you want more info on the piece).

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First, we have the look Andy initially wears when she gets her makeover from Nigel. This look to me has a lot to do with texture, especially because it’s pretty monochromatic aside from the bag. The key is to balance the masculine with the feminine.

I know you might be thinking that the jacket is too much for a warm summer day, but you could easily take that off and just wear it on a chilly night. I felt I had to include a jacket with this look because it is the statement piece in the ensemble.

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Again, this look is all about the monochromatic. It’s oh so sophisticated and effortless with an aire of luxury. You must be thinking, ahem, that’s a coat…you said summer looks here! But fear not. I have tricks up my sleeve!

See?! I told you I wouldn’t put you in a coat. The reason this dress and the coat correlate is because of their color story, but more so than that it’s because both have strong tailored lines.

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This look actually does appear to be more summer-y. Coincidentally, it also is rather monochromatic (I promise the next look won’t be!!).

To me this is a chic, no fuss outfit that you can’t go wrong with. It’s classic mixed with vintage and a touch of modern.

(image from:

This look is classic. The coat is perfectly tailored, but then the wow part of it is the leopard print accents. Without this detail, the coat would be pretty, but nothing that special. Keep that in mind with the remix (and yes, I realize this may seem monochromatic again, but I guess I’ll just have to say that’s part of the theme today!).

Now let me explain this one. You have a leather skirt that is adding texture while being sophisticated and subtlety edgy. Tucked into the skirt, you have a basic black tee and classic ballet flats, which also add an element of texture. The bag doesn’t draw too much attention to itself. Then, you have the wham part of the outfit–the necklace. It’s a statement necklace that adds a bit of color and interest. The necklace and skirt honestly are both statement pieces, but because the skirt is neutral, it’s not overkill. The whole together spells chic, elegant, and classy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! It was somewhat challenging at times, but nonetheless extremely enjoyable.I’ll be back with looks from other characters tomorrow.  In the meantime, do tell me…which remixed look is your favorite? Also, if you have a certain look in mind you want me to recreate tomorrow, let me know in the comments!