Yesterday I did a post on remixing outfits from The Devil Wears Prada. All of the outfits were from Andy. If you missed it, check it out here! Today, I’m going to create outfits inspired by other characters. Here we go!


(first image from:

(second image from:

I’ll admit that this one is a little bit tricky. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a jacket/shrug/wrap I felt had the same aesthetic as her jacket, so we’re going with a different game plan…I’ll play with the broad shoulders silhouette.

(Note: Although the belt may look blue, it is listed as gray. Also, the shirt would be tucked into the skirt.)

This look is undoubtedly put together, polished, edgy, and at the same time effortless. It has quite a few statement pieces, but I think it works in this case (look at our inspiration if your doubting this and you’ll see how wow pieces can work harmoniously in the same outfit if put together correctly). I think we would do Emily proud with this look!

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(second image from:

Throughout the movie, Miranda (Meryl Streep) wears classy, sophisticated, timeless ensembles. This look is definitely no different. While it may not seem as exciting as some of the other looks we’ve covered, there’s something about it that makes it special…maybe it’s the fact that it is that simple–but simple perfection nonetheless.

Remember that all of these looks are summer outfits, so that’s why you didn’t see long pants and a long sleeved cardigan. This look could also work beautifully with a pencil skirt. The thing I hope about these outfits is that you, my lovely readers, feel like you could go out and buy these outfits I’m creating and then effortlessly wear them, without feeling costume-y. That’s my hope and intention at least.

I apologize profusely, but I inserted pictures here originally only later to find out the site won’t let me, and I can’t find duplicates anywhere else. So, unfortunately you’ll have to click on the link below if you want to see the inspiration (which I suggest doing). and

This  look was not actually worn in the movie, but it was a look created by Miranda for the magazine. There’s such a playful quality to it that I just love. And let me just say that I found this one to be rather tricky to recreate. I came up with two ideas.

That was the first look. Here is the second (same inspiration).

The shirt would be tucked into the skirt with this one. Which of the two of these do you like better? Which stays more true to the inspiration?

This is another one where you have to click the link to see the photo. I apologize once again.

This one is back to our monochromatic ways (remember yesterday’s post?). Again, Miranda just looks undeniably chic.

This is definitely a polished look, but one that could work for many different events.

So, that’s a wrap with this featured topic! I had a blast doing it and I hope all of you enjoyed it! Which remix did you like the best? Dying for me to put together outfits using inspiration from a certain movie? Let me know!