Anthro, as I’m sure most of you already know, is having a good-sized sale today. I thought it would be fun to put together complete looks using these new sale items, using the different price points of $250, $150,  and $100.

We’ll start with a look that is delicate and sweet, yet totally understated, totalling in at less than $250.

Fresh Folds Tank – $19.95

Statuesque Cardigan – $39.95

Cloudbank Shorts – $39.95

Mojito Platforms – $99.95

Grand Chandelier Necklace – $19.95

Total Cost: $219.75

Average Cost of Each Piece: $43.75

The next look is under $150 and is all about pattern play and textures.

Woodblock Print Skirt – $39.95

Picture Frame Blouse – $39.95

Perambulator Sandals – $49.95

Drifting Rings Bracelet – $19.95

Total Cost: $149.80 (right under budget!)

Average Cost of Each Piece: $37.45

This cool, undeniably summer look is under $100.

Daisy Chain Bracelet

Gossamer Waves Dress – $49.95

Portia Sandals – $39.95

Daisy Chain Bracelet – $9.95

Total Cost: $99.85 (again, just under budget!!)

Average Cost of Each Piece: about $33.29

Looking at the average cost of each piece in each look, it seems that the last look, costing $99.85 total, is the best deal! It is possible to get a complete Anthro look on a limited budget!

What are you buying from the sale today? Or, are you like me and sitting this one out? There are definitely things I would like, including a lot of jewelry, but my wallet is making me take a break. And finally, which of the three budget friendly looks is your favorite?