You know those writing prompts you used to always get when you were in elementary school? I’m sure most of us got the classic “If You Were on a Deserted Island…” or some form of that. I personally remember I wasn’t a huge fan of these prompts. They always felt like a set-up or something. It was like I could write maybe a paragraph about it, but not much else. I guess I just wasn’t inspired by them. How about you? Was it just me? Anyway, today I am inspired by this classic prompt. I know, you’re saying Great, we come to a fashion blog and get to read a creative writing story!? Not what I was looking for! But have no fear, I am not writing a story. I am going to put together some outfits inspired by the cliché prompt. If I were stranded on a deserted island, I think it would be fabulous to have access to all the Anthro clothing I wanted. But that’s a bit unrealistic, considering these deserted islands I always pictured were tiny as can be. But without any more babbling, let’s get started!

The first look is definitely inspired by palm trees and lush tropical forests. I think you’ll definitely see this in the top. Texture also comes to mind with this specific inspiration, so you’ll see that in all the pieces.

The next thing that sparked my mind was the thought of coral. For those of you who haven’t been snorkeling, I highly recommend it (add it to your bucket list!). Coral reefs, with all of their sea life and vivid colors, are truly wonderous. At first glance you may not think these shoes go with this bold dress, but don’t worry. Looking closely you’ll see in the dress similar red hues. And remember, things don’t have to be matchy-matchy to work in harmony with one another. This is an ensemble filled with whimsy.

My next creative vision led me to wind. Maybe this seems a little strange – and perhaps it is. A better word might be breeze. When I think of island life, I picture fluidity and movement, not only in tropical nature life, but in clothing too. To be honest, when I started looking for clothing to capture this image, I thought to myself What would twirl if you started dancing? Call me strange or whatever you want, but this painted a beautiful image…dancing on an island’s beach with a dress that moved with you and the breeze. I was tempted to keep this look barefoot, but then I reminded myself that most people who would wear this look probably wouldn’t be on that island…heck, they could even be in bustling cities!

And finally, who can think of an island without water? That’s like cookies without milk! Or maybe to better prove the point, it’s like life without oxygen! Anyway, once again I think of fluidity, depth, and the vivid color of blue itself. To capture the aspect of depth, I think of textures. You’ll see that particularly in the combination of the sheer top and clear necklace (and just so I don’t send out any style disasters who wear this exact look…please, please, please wear something under the top – something that doesn’t distract from the beauty of it that is).

On a side note readers, I just want to let you know I appreciate your comments. Please don’t be shy leaving them! Even if it’s just to say, hey, I’m reading your blog, I would love the message. And having said that, please don’t feel forced to leave a comment – I’ll survive if you choose not to!