Yes, I realize the title is very cliché. I just couldn’t resist though! I don’t know how many of you watch HGTV’s Design Star, but the challenge on Sunday night’s episode was about taking inspiration from a flower of their choice. They were clearly told it could not be literal inspiration (for example, no floral murals or direct color translation). We’re going to take the idea of this inspiration and come up with some flower power looks (had to sneak in the flower power!)!

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We’ll start with the Calla Lily. To me, it is such an elegant, classy flower. You often find them the centerpieces of weddings, and it’s no doubt because of their gorgeous simplicity. To capture this essence, we needed something tailored, but not too tailored. Something, simple, but not overly so. Remember though, simple doesn’t mean boring. Refined, yes. Boring, no! And the bonus treat? I’ve created not one, but two looks!

This is the more outwardly feminine of the two looks. Note that I envision the shirt tucked in.

On to my personal favorite look for capturing the Calla Lily vibe:

The next flower was Birds of Paradise. This is a flower that evokes vividness. It is so exotic in feel too. In creating a look, it could not be shy or mute. It had to be bold. Also, the flower is quite structured. The look therefore had to be tailored, but still fun. I had to be careful to not let it get to costume-y, because when you mix bold colors in one look, it can have the possibility to go there. I think I created a successful look though, that captures what the flower is all about.

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Well, that wraps up the post for today. I’ll be back tomorrow with more flower inspired looks! In the meantime, tell me which look you think captured its flower best. Also, if you have a flower you’d like me to use as inspiration tomorrow, let me know! And finally, I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again…don’t be shy to leave a comment! Thanks!