Yesterday we looked at some Anthro looks created using flowers in mind. I promised more of where that came from, and today I’m following through on that promise! Remember that I didn’t want to do anything too literal. Without further ado, let’s get started!

Lavender is the first muse. Besides smelling absolutely wonderful and never-failing to remind me of Provence, I’ve always had a liking to this flower. This particular photo of the flower inspired me in the sense that there are petals, petals, petals up the stem and then pow, a bigger burst of larger petals (okay, obviously I don’t need to explain I’m no flower connoisseur, so excuse the probably incorrect terminology).

(image from:

Again, note that I would tuck in the shirt (I say “again”, because you’re probably noticing the trend that I tuck so many of the shirts into skirts…hope that’s not too one-note for you!).

Now go through this with me…simple but classy sandals…nice, feminine, detailed skirt transitioning into flowy top (but not too flowy, still giving a fitted look), and then bam, it’s a statement necklace! But it’s not so ka-pow that it’s a distraction. Rather, it adds to the overall look. And aren’t you all loving my sound effects?!

(first image from: and second image from:

Lily-of-the-Valley is our next source of inspiration. I love how tiny and delicate these flowers look, but when grouped together in a bouquet (seen in the second picture) look like…strong delicacy. When creating a look, I wanted each piece to be strong on its own, but when paired together evoke an even more powerful image. If that wasn’t enough, I wanted a look that wasn’t too harsh either. Hopefully you’ll agree with me that I accomplished this.

Our next flower is the Sweet Pea. To me, it’s like the epitomy of all things femine and girly.

(image from:

Obviously, having said that, I wanted to create a girly, feminine look.

Well, that’s it for the outfits! In that floral mood now though? I have a few Anthro pieces you might like then! All of the pieces are more literally floral, as opposed to floral inspired.

(Buttercup Posts)

(Snipped and Saved Posts)

(Sea Flower Heels)

(Count the Petals Tank)

(Lanai Welcome Necklace)

(Fennel Flower Skirt)

And remember, these are only a few flower power items available at Anthro (I wasn’t paid to say that!). Hopefully, I’ve whetted your appetite!