I know these four dresses have been on the site for a few days now, but they weren’t yet up on the Anthro website when the post Common Threads was done. Therefore, I thought we’d take a look at them!

First up is the Cordial Embrace Dress.

This one is nice, but honestly it’s not really exciting me. I mean, the silhouette isn’t really anything new original. I think it’s one of those dresses that you would have to see in person…it could either be a great staple piece or just plain blah. At $148, I’m also not sure it’s worth its price. Again, I’ll look forward to some reviews of it.

My first reaction to the Twinkle Twinkle Dress ($168) was a plain, “No.” Upon further reflection, I decided it could either be adorable when styled correctly (I could see Kaleigha or Anjali possibly making this work, for example), or down right atrocious with the wrong accessories. I feel like with Anthro, while there is so much possibility for cuteness, in the wrong hands their designs can go terribly wrong. Know what I mean? I guess that’s true of any brand though. I am hoping to see some of the Anthro bloggers work their magic with it though, but who knows…they might decide my first reaction was right altogether.

The Hanhaba Dress is decidedly not my style, so I’m biased when saying I don’t love it. I guess again, I feel like it’s nothing new or exciting. Made of rayon and spandex, I’m highly skeptical it’s worth $148. I will admit though, that if styled correctly, it could be cute. You just won’t find me wearing it.

My first thoughts about the Cathedral Windows Dress were very similar to Chrissy’s. Why? Just why, Anthro?! The silhouette doesn’t look flattering, the fabric isn’t very appealing…just no! However, once again, I had second thoughts. While I believe for the most part this won’t look good on many people, I think there is hope for it. It’s one of those pieces I would have to see in person to check if my glimmering hope isn’t just nonsense, but I truly do think there would be a way to make this dress appealing (I wouldn’t necessarily wear it, but I could style it for someone else). But at $418, I don’t think it’s going to happen. I predict this one is going to hit the sale racks sooner rather than later.

Looking back, this sure wasn’t a great review set for Anthro. There wasn’t one dress here I was crazy about. Don’t worry though, I’m still crazy about Anthro as whole! What about you readers? Am I crazy with my thoughts about the Cathedral Windows Dress? Do you see my point with it? And take the poll to weigh in on which dress you think is the least unfortunate.