It’s time for another duel between Anthro and Mod Cloth, but this time with dresses only! Like last time, we will compare in the categories of “aesthetic”, “overall”, and “name game”, although the name will not factor into the overall category. It’s more for fun. Anyway, get ready to have some fun with this!

Los Angeles, 2019 Dress

Anthro’s Cathedral Windows Dress, $418, and Mod Cloth’s Los Angeles, 2019 Dress, $72.99. As I’m sure all of you know, the Cathedral Windows Dress has gotten a lot of negative feedback. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Mod Cloth’s version here either. That’s okay…we don’t have to only compare items that we love. Here, it’s a battle of the two evils.

So which wins?

Aesthetic: This is hard. I really need to see the Anthro dress in person to be able to give this duel a fair battle, but I guess I’ll have to go with Mod Cloth.

Overall: No way is Anthro going to win with its huuuge price tag, so Mod Cloth it is!

Name Game: Anthro wins. Mod Cloth’s is too long for me. Anthro’s name at least paints a pretty picture!

It's Getting Haute in Here Dress

Anthro’s Cascading Bow Dress ($118) and Mod Cloth’s It’s Getting Haute in Here Dress ($67.99)

So which wins?

Aesthetic: While both have admirable features, Anthro’s sophisticated number wins, in part due to the cheap looking buttons on Mod Cloth’s dress’s back.

Overall: Either could work nicely, but Anthro wins. $118 is not bad for an Anthro dress.

Name Game: Again, I feel Mod Cloth’s is just too long. Anthro wins, making this round an Anthro sweep.

Scavenger Hunt Dress

Anthro’s Catmint Dress, on sale from $148 to $79.95 and Mod Cloth’s Scavenger Hunt Dress, $54.99.

So which wins?

Aesthetic: These two put up a fight. Mod Cloth gets points with its buttons on the back that blend in with the dress. Anthro gets points for its refined vintage feel. They’re both cotton. Hmm…I guess I have to go with Mod Cloth, for the fun vibe. For others deciding, it could come down to the occasion for which it’s being worn.

Overall: Again, it’s a tossup, but I’ll have to go with Mod Cloth.

Name Game: Mod Cloth has a chance at this one, but Anthro still pulls out on top.

Hopeless Romantic Dress

Anthro’s In the City Dress, $128, and Mod Cloth’s Hopeless Romantic Dress, $57.99.

So which wins?

Aesthetic: Anthro wins. I’m afraid Mod Cloth’s version looks a bit cheap.

Overall: This is a tough one. Anthro’s dress wins for aesthetic, but it’s way overpriced. I think it’s style fits in better at Urban Outfitters, with a price to go along with that. Mod Cloth’s version’s price is right, but the design isn’t quite there. See the dilemma? What to do? As much as I hate to have to decide, I’ll go with Anthro.

Name Game: I do love the city (NYC!!), but I have to go with Mod Cloth’s.

Million Dollar Smile Dress

Anthro’s Drifting By Dress, $168, and Mod Cloth’s Million Dollar Smile Dress, $169.99.

So which wins?

Aesthetic: Both have an aire of luxury and are silk, but Anthro has that extra bit of sophistication Mod Cloth’s doesn’t have. Both could be fabulous choices though.

Overall: Mod Cloth’s costs more than Anthro’s (yes, only about $2, but still)?!! I couldn’t believe this! Anthro wins this one. Once again, I will say that either could work though.

Name Game: Anthro. Mod Cloth has an interesting name, but I don’t feel like it totally fits the dress. Is this just me?

Cherry Valence Dress

Anthro’s Traced Twirls Dress, $158, and Mod Cloth’s Cherry Valence Dress, $99.99.

So which wins?

Aesthetic: Mod Cloth’s, while fun, once again lacks that oomph of sophistication that Anthro effortlessly delivers here.

Overall: If styled correctly, I could give this to Mod Cloth, but I just can’t. Anthro wins. The extra money is worth it.

Name Game: Both names fit their dress well, but I’ll give it to Anthro.

Don't Delay Dress

Anthro’s Little Navy Tea Dress, $188, and Mod Cloth’s Don’t Delay Dress, $73.99.

So which wins?

Aesthetic: Mod Cloth’s is fun, yes, but Anthro’s is timeless, giving it the win.

Overall: While I truly love Anthro’s, Mod Cloth’s look for less will work wonderfully too, so it wins.

Name Game: Anthro. Mod Cloth’s has a disconnect for me.

You're A Stitch! Dress

Anthro’s Pueblo Dress, $148, and Mod Cloth’s You’re A Stitch! Dress, $47.99.

So which wins?

Aesthetic: Both are cute enough options, but believe it or not I actually prefer Mod Cloth. For my style and taste, Anthro’s print just doesn’t appeal to me as much.

Overall: Mod Cloth’s, because you can’t beat their price!

Name Game: Anthro’s name might be literal, but I think it works with the dress better than Mod Cloth’s name does with its dress. So Anthro it is!

Sweet Little Somethings Dress

Anthro’s Chocolate Chip Dress, $128, and Mod Cloth’s Sweet Little Somethings Dress, $64.99.

So which wins?

Aesthetic: For me, Mod Cloth’s is too nightgown-ish. Anthro wins.

Overall: Although I could see making Mod Cloth’s version work (accessorizing it to make it less nightgown-ish would help!), I prefer Anthro.

Name Game: I do like Mod Cloth’s name here, and it works with its dress. However, being a sucker for baked goods, Anthro wins.

That wraps up this duel! Time for the results: Anthro wins the category of “aesthetic”, winning 66% of the time. In a closer race, Anthro wins the “overall” category, winning about 56% of the time. And finally, in the “name game” category, Anthro wins hands down, a whopping approximate 89% of the time (that means it lost this category only once). So, Anthro wins all the categories! The last duel we had, Anthro won “aesthetic”, Mod Cloth won “overall”, and they tied for “name game”. Looks like Anthro is starting to pull ahead!

What are your thoughts readers? Do you majorly disagree with me? Do tell!