So, what has it been? A few short months I’ve been blogging? Can I tell you just how rewarding and fun it has been?! Yes, it has been challenging at times, but ever so worth it. Don’t be fretting from the title…I’m not leaving you! However, I am going to be going on vacation for a little over three weeks. Unfortunately, this means I won’t be here to do regular posting, because I won’t be accessing my computer. But it’s not goodbye…not at all. I have postings scheduled for throughout my absence, but I do have to admit they’re going to be a bit shorter than usual, and not quite as frequent (hopefully the quality is there in your mind!). I hope you can bear with me through this time, and when I get back, normal routine posting will begin again! I do sincerely hope you’ll continue to visit my blog while I’m gone, and while I won’t be responding to comments immediately, please do leave them! I promise I will read each and every one of them when I get back. I will also be catching up on all of my daily blog reading when I return, which will be a daunting but delightful task (remember I told you how loooong that list is?!). As I said before, I really hope you’ll continue to stop by my blog because there will be postings, but if you’d like I can notify you when I return. If you would like me to do so, just let me know in the comments and I’ll be sure to email you (wordpress stores the email address of each commenter, so no need to write it out). “See” you when I get back! And don’t forget to keep those comments coming! Thanks for your patience!!