Do all of you love the awards season just as much as I do? I mean, let’s me honest…the whole point of these shows is to show off some fashion! Well, maybe not, but it’s my main reason for watching! As I’m sure you all know, the Emmys were on last night! Today, I thought what better post than to create some Anthro looks inspired by some of the better dresses. Of course the dresses truly will be inspiration, because Anthro sure doesn’t carry any knock off red carpet gowns. Just thought I’d mention that though.

Overall, I truly was wowed by anyone. Yes, there were some pretty dresses…but was there really anything we positively have never seen before? No. I’m crossing my fingers for more awe-inspiring dresses at other shows coming up, but this should still be a fun post! Before I show you the Anthro look, I’ll give my opinion on the dress and let you have your say (please participate…it’ll be fun!). Ready? Let’s get started!

Lea Michele

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Lea Michele – I wasn’t too crazy about this dress initially, but in the picture above I don’t think it’s too bad (like I said earlier, it’s not anything thoroughly new and original). It almost seemed safe for her.

Learning Curve Dress – $248

Tough As Nails Flats – $145

Petite Ecole Messenger Bag – $158

Glitter Quartz Ring – $138

Lea’s dress is all about the structure of the dress. It has quite a bit of drama at the bottom. For the Anthro recreation, I switched the drama to the top, with the oversized bow on the dress. Lea’s total look has a balance of femininity with a little edge. The shoes add that bit of edge. If I’m being perfectly honest with you, like I try to be, the bag I’ve paired isn’t my favorite. In my head, I envision a slightly oversize clutch. However, what is in my head is not always at Anthro, so what can I do? Oh well. I still think this bag works!

Want to get a little piece of Lea’s look, but don’t want to pay for a full outfit? Try this:

Beaded Swag Bib Necklace – $68

This necklace is quite reminiscent of Lea’s necklace. Pair this with a simple v-neck shirt in your closet and your favorite pair of jeans, or even a skirt. Voilà!

 Jenna Fischer

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Jenna Fischer – This was gown I didn’t see until looking up the fashions online. I actually quite like it. There’s something slightly different about it that is great. It’s actually a dress slightly altered from Versace Runway 2007 (to see the runway picture, click here). I also love the color on her skin tone. However, the color next to the red carpet…not so great. Again, I’m not in love, but it’s still a beautiful dress. And might I add it’s an improvement compared to an unfortunate number of Jenna’s past red carpet styles?

Sleeve Pitch Blouse – $128

J Brand Slim Mid-Rise Twill – $158

Gust of Wind Pumps – $119

Summer-In-The-City Pouch – $148

The reason this works is because the top has that effortless drape with just a little bit of detailing, mimicking the top of Jenna’s dress. The skinny pants add just enough edge. The pumps and purse are classic choices to finish off the look.

Another top that would work with these pants, shoes, and purse would be the Bailaora Blouse ($188). It pops a little more color than the top pictured above. Either blouse would work wonderfully though.

Emmys 2010: Mad Men Girls' Hourglass Silhouettes Herald Fashion Trend For Curves

(image from:

Elisabeth Moss – While this was by no means an innovative, original design, Elisabeth pulls it off with great elegance, style, and class.

Waffle Weave Dress – $118

Opaque Tights (cocoa) – $12.50

Candy Disc Heels – $98

Captured Gems Bracelet – $118

This look maintains the classic yet modern essence that Elisabeth’s total look had. You’re sure to look polished in this ensemble.

That’s it for total looks in today’s post, but we’re not done yet!

Tina Fey

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Tina Fey – Tina does not have good history with her red carpet looks. Usually, they’re either a big miss, or just plain old boring. I actually quite like (not love) this look on her. It’s still obviously in her black comfort zone, but at least it’s interesting!

Want to get the feeling of this dress in one piece? Try either of these!

Cathedral Facade Tights – $16

Mademoiselle Tights – $18

Monochrome magic: Tina Fey looked sophisticated in Oscar de la Renta (left) while Glee cheerleader Dianna Agron went for a similar colour scheme in Carolina Herrera's fairytale lace

(image from:

Dianna Argon – While I like this one okay, to me it ages Dianna a bit. I’m not a huge fan of how much the lace stands out…but I don’t know…I kind of like this look.

This dress reminds me of a catalog shot back from November (of 2009). Know what I’m talking about? Take a look!

(image from:

If you have this dress and top, you’re in luck! 

emily blunt john krasinski emmys 2010 red carpet 01

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Emily Blunt – The newlywed chose this gorgeous color that you don’t see on the red carpet all too often. I definitely like this dress, but it is by no means my favorite red carpet look of the usually perfectly put together Emily.

january jones emmys 2010 red carpet 05

(image from:

January Jones – This dress is probably the most talked about dress from last night. Some people love it, others hate it. I have to give her some huge credit for taking a risk…that I love! Did it pay off from my perspective? Not totally. I liked the concept of the dress…actually, I liked most of it. EXCEPT, the top! If it had been designed slightly differently…less bra-like, I think it would have much worked much better.

(image from:

Jennifer Carpenter – This dress had a gorgeous back, but for the life of me, I can’t seem to find it online! If anyone finds a picture of it, I’d be grateful if you could clue me in on it! Anyway, I really like this look. It’s not the most original design or anything, but it really works.


(image from:

Kristen Wiig – There’s something refreshing about this…it’s a print and definitely one of the bigger risks this year. I think it mostly paid off…mostly. While I like the dress, I’m not positive I see it as an Emmy dress. Maybe it’s more suited for a premiere?! I’m not sure.

(image from:

Jewel – There is something so soft and sweet about this dress that makes it irresistible. At the same time, there’s something so unoriginal, it’s almost boring. For me, in the end, it’s alright.


(image from:

Claire Danes – There is no denying this dress fit Claire beautifully. Fit is always super important to achieving a great look, and too often it’s overlooked…so I have to give her big points for this! The dress itself is fine though. Nothing super impressive. It’s nicely understated. And hey, who says drama is the only way to go?!


(image from:

Kyra Sedgwick – Some of the criticism of the dress Kyra’s been receiving is that it wasn’t right for the season…I beg to differ. I think the rich color tone offers a great hint to the season we’re entering…fall! Besides, it also reminds me of these boots! Overall though, I’m not totally in love with the look.

Emmys 2010: Mad Men Girls' Hourglass Silhouettes Herald Fashion Trend For Curves

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Eva Longoria – There is absolutely nothing wrong with this look. But is it wowing me? No, not at all. I feel like Eva could do so much more!

Well, there certainly are a ton more dresses, but we’re going to wrap it up here. Do tell me though…what dress was your favorite? The worst? Which looks did I miss that were stand outs? And finally, please vote below…which of the dresses should I use as inspiration to create an Anthro look (that I didn’t already use as inspiration)? I will create a look inspired by the top vote getter, so make sure you vote!!!

And as a final note, I will be out of town tomorrow and part of the day Thursday, so no guarantees for posts those two days…however, come back on Friday for sure!