As most of you probably know, Anthro started a sizable sale today, in honor of Labor Day! Instead of just showing you some pieces I like that went to sale, I looked back in the archives of The Anthropologie Connoisseur, and I’m going to show you pieces I have used in looks that you can now have from the sale rack! Here we go!

Captured Gems Bracelet – now $79.95 – used just the other day in recreating Elisabeth Moss’s Emmy look here (according to the poll, it seems as though most of you weren’t a fan of Elisabeth’s look…however, maybe you like the Anthro look!)

Deco Page Cardigan

Deco Page Cardigan – now $50 – used when styling the Berry-Stitched boots here

Glimmering Lengths Necklace – now $49.95 – also used when styling the Berry-Stitched boots here

Ice Age Technology Necklace – now $59.95 – used once again when styling the Berry-Stitched Boots here

Heirloom Lace Vest – now $79.95 – used as the focus for styling outfits around here

Tee-Shirt Skimmers – now $29.95 (a good price if I may add!) – used when styling the Heirloom Lace Vest here (the vest is on sale too!) and talked about when lusting after shoes here

Wedding March Skimmers – now $49.95 – talked about as an alternative to the Heirloom Lace Vest (if a vest isn’t your thing) here

Simply Sketched Pants – now $49.95 (not a bad price at all!) – used when styling the Heirloom Lace Vest here

Count the Petals Tank – now $39.95 – pointed out as a floral inspired piece here (by the way, if you’re looking to make an outfit with sale items, this tank with the pants preceding it would work well together!)

Twin Truss Belt – now $19.95 (I’m considering picking this up!) – used when styling an oufit gathering inspiration from the Statue of Liberty here

Little Navy Tea Dress – now $89.95 – used in a dress duel here (it won!) and talked about when it was a new arrival here

That’s it! But really, when you think about it, it’s quite a lot of pieces I’ve used on the blog here all going on sale at once! I hope this was helpful!

Finally, I promised I would style an Anthro look inspired by an Emmy look from one of the following ladies, but at this point we have a three-way tie (if you haven’t voted, don’t look at who it’s between!). The ladies you can vote for are: Tina Fey, Dianna Argon, Emily Blunt, January Jones, Jennifer Carpenter, Kristen Wiig, Jewel, Claire Danes, Kyra Sedgwick, or Eva Longoria. If you could please vote if you haven’t already, it would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance and to those who already voted! Here’s the link (scroll down to the very end of the post for the poll…pictures of their dresses are also in the post!).