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Earlier this week I did a post having to do with this year’s Emmy fashion. While I took the liberty of choosing a few gowns to create Anthro looks after, I promised all of you that I would create a look based on a dress of your choosing. You, the readers, have narrowed it down to four…but now we need to get it down to one! Here are the choices:

Emmys 2010: Mad Men Girls' Hourglass Silhouettes Herald Fashion Trend For Curves

(image from here)

Eva Longoria

Monochrome magic: Tina Fey looked sophisticated in Oscar de la Renta (left) while Glee cheerleader Dianna Agron went for a similar colour scheme in Carolina Herrera's fairytale lace

(image from here )

Dianna Argon

(image from here )

Jennifer Carpenter (note that the back of the dress would be taken into consideration when creating an Anthro head-to-toe look)

(image from here)

Kristen Wiig

Those are the finalists you voted for! Now, please do me a favor and vote in the poll below!!! Thanks!

UPDATE: The voting is now over, so thanks for voting!!! To see the winner and the resulting looks, go here.

Finally, don’t forget to send your styling requests to theanthropologieconnoisseur@gmail.com (if you would feel more comfortable, you may simply leave a comment on any post of mine as well). Don’t hesitate to send requests! Thanks again!