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Yesterday I promised another post similar to this one. It’s another obscure holiday inspired outfit post! Again, I didn’t know this holiday off the top of my head( although I might want to remember it!)…I just looked up what daily holidays were coming up and found this one! So what did it inspire me to style?

AG Stevie Cords (brown) – $158

Quiet Achievement Tee (gold) – $58

Curtsey Coat – $298

Jumping Order Booties – $159

Whiskey Barrel Bag – $178

Silken Droplets Necklace – $58

There is absolutely no discrimination in this outfit…I paid tribute to milk, dark, and white chocolate! The pants are a rich, dark chocolate. Pair them with a bold top, which relates to chocolate’s bold flavors, and then layer on a creamy white chocolate coat. The necklace adds onto the white chocolate idea nicely. The bag and insanely gorgeous, pretty killer shoes shout hello to milk chocolate. The end result? A rich, scrumptious, yummy outfit!

Happy International Chocolate Day! I encourage order you to have a piece or some form of chocolate today! If you need an excuse, it’s because I told you to!