Today I was typing up a post…but then lightning struck. Figuratively, that is, of course (although it is raining…). You see, I was getting ready to insert photos, and no matter what I tried, I could not get anything to work to allow me to paste photos! Grrr…technical difficulties! Lately, WordPress (the site I use for this blog) has been acting a bit strange. I think changes are being made to the site. I really, truly am not trying to make excuses, but am telling you the truth. So there will be no post other than this today, unfortunately (if I’m able to get it to work later on in the day though, I’ll go ahead with posting). However, in the mean time, head on over to Debbie’s blog (if you haven’t already) and check out her styling of the Berry-Stiched Boots. Remember a few weeks ago I did a post on styling them? I think she did an absolutely lovely job, if I do say so! Thanks for sticking it out through this technical glitch with me!