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Yesterday I told you about two fantastic styling requests I got from Sawan, and I completed the first part of her request. To see how I styled the Southward Stop Shirtdress, go here! I left you hanging though about which dress I would be styling today. Got any guesses? Hint…look at yesterday’s (and today’s) post titles. Second hint…it has a connection to this post. Think you know? Totally stumped? It’s the Distant Chirping Chemise (no longer available at Anthro)!

Distant Chirping Chemise
Yes, this is technically a loungewear piece. But as I directed you above, my post on loungewear transitioning to outside of the house proves that if done well, loungewear can be successfully worn outside. This doesn’t mean I suggest wearing that oversized ratty t-shirt; in fact, I am so against pajamas being worn in public. The thing is, you have to trick people into thinking what you’re wearing was meant to be worn in public. Make sense? I’m going to start out by just giving a few pointers when debating whether a loungewear piece has potential to be transformed into everyday wear.

Use a critical eye:

  • Is it too short?
  • Is it too sheer?
  • Does the fabric look to shiny?
  • Does the material look cheap?

When analyzing a piece, if you answer yes to any of these questions, you should probably stick with wearing the piece in the comfort of your own home. The bottom line: use caution!

Back from the slight side track and onto styling the Distant Chirping Chemise!…

For fall, it’s pretty much imperative to pair a sweater or cardi with this look, unless you live in an unusually warm climate. Deep rust colors are going to look great, as would navy. The right gray or burnt orange could also work nicely. Like with Southward Stop Shirtdress, pairing the dress with a belt, tights, and a cardi would work wonderfully. Adding a belt would actually help it look even less like loungewear, because it adds chunkiness and makes the eye think it’s more expensive looking. If I had to sum it up, the real key here is accessorizing. Shall we get to some looks?

Distant Chirping Chemise
Distant Chirping Chemise (no longer at Anthro)
Outdoor Cafe Cardigan (neutral motif) – $98
Manitoba Belt – $68
Opaque Tights (navy) – $12.50
Ganymede & Io Necklace (rose, but the gold could work nicely too) – $168
Wear this gray toned sweater with the belt around it (not underneath it) and you’ll get a nice, clean, cinched in look. Add a pair of navy tights, a charming necklace, and some adorable shoes and you’ve got yourself a complete look!
Distant Chirping Chemise
Distant Chirping Chemise (no longer available at Anthro)
Tie Game Belt – $48
This look is effortless fun. The belt adds just enough to cinch the waist, but not distract from the navy cardigan and eye catching tights. The boots and ring add the perfect dose of girly.
Distant Chirping Chemise
Distant Chirping Chemise (no longer available at Anthro)
Birmingham Ballet Cardigan (brown) – $49.95 on sale
Time-In, Time-Out Belt (medium orange) – $30
Mrs. Blackbeard’s Necklace (red; gold could work with the dress too) – $198
Opaque Tights (brown) – $12.50
Show Jumping Boots (gray) – $348
Wear this cardigan unbuttoned with the rust/orange-y colored belt underneath it. Add the necklace to even further emphasize the coloring of the dress, and then finish off with some tights and boots.
Distant Chirping Chemise
Distant Chirping Chemise (no longer available at Anthro)
Tulip Curtsy Blazer (turquoise) – $118
Levade Clogs – $148
This styling is a little different than the rest…instead of a cardigan/sweater, this beautiful turquoise blazer will work wonderfully. Because the blazer has some structure, there is no need for a belt. The tights compliment the wine colored shoes perfectly and the necklace is that perfect finishing touch. The turquoise and wine will work so nicely together in this outfit and will really make the colors in the dress stand out.
We’re done with complete looks, but let’s take a look at some other pieces that would pair nicely with the dress.
Punch Card Belt – $48 – Interesting, but still not too over the top, this would be a great addition to the dress.
Tumbled & Forged Belt – $58 – A thick, classic brown belt couldn’t go wrong with the dress.
Caladoc Heels – $258 – Let’s be honest…these are some killer shoes! The color would really bring out the rich hues in the dress.
Garment District Blazer – $148 – As long as the feather addition was removed, this could be quite an eye catching pair to the dress. Leave it unbuttoned and add some more feminine accessories and you’ve got a to-die-for look!
Dimpled Cardigan (navy) – $98 – The navy color would work really nicely, and just as this cardi added texture to the Southward Stop Shirtdress, it would do the same for this dress.
Split Decision Cardigan – $39.95 on sale – Paired with some more vibrant pieces, this would work nicely with the dress.
All of these boots would add the right luxurious touch when paired with the dress.
Zipping-By Tights (brown motif) – $28
Malay Tights – $16
Any of these tights would add an extra dose of fun and sophistication to the dress.
So, that wraps up the second part of the lovely styling requests from Sawan! I sure hope all of this was helpful and inspiring! Remember…you may send your styling requests to theanthropologieconnoisseur@gmail.com. No matter what the request (well maybe I shouldn’t say that, but in most all cases!), I’ll be happy to help! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!