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Readers, it’s an absolute and total honor. Imagine my surprise today when I visited Effortless Anthropologie on my daily blog rounds, and found that I had been nominated for “Best Outfit Stylings” in the Anthropologie Blogging Awards! Yes, I do take pride in the strong styling aspect of this blog, but wow, it was still a surprise. I thank you so much for the nomination, Readers. You truly have no idea how much it brightened my day (a wonderful day-after birthday present!)! Now, I really don’t expect to win, as this is still a relatively new blog, but again, it means a great deal! Thanks!

Anyway, as you know, my birthday was yesterday! It was lovely! I started out the day on a decadent note…chocolate chip pancakes, with Ghiradelli 60% cocoa chocolate chips (they’re huge!). For dinner, I had some awesome guacamole, mango salsa, and cheese quesadillas (avocado is my favorite food!). Dessert was chocolate cake with salted caramel frosting. It was divine, and I can’t wait to have more tonight! As for gifts, I received J. Crew’s Stretch Twill Minnie Pants in black, J. Crew’s Dressage Belt in black, and J. Crew’s Traversa Cardigan in sweet almond. I also got two books – one on dresses that changed the world and the other on shoes that changed the world. I got a calendar for 2011 with pictures of vintage Paris posters as well. And, I’ve been told I’m going to receive more gifts…perhaps some Anthro?! What great gifts! I’m so lucky and blessed!

Petite stretch twill Minnie pant
(Minnie pants)
Dressage belt
(Dressage Belt)
Traversa cardigan
(Traversa Cardigan)
(all images from here)
I’m actually wearing the Minnie pants today (petite, size 00). Besides looking adorable, they are incredibly comfy! The cardi is super cute on (size XS, a bit big but doable), but I’m having doubts about the belt (size S). While its design is great, it’s big on me. I could add extra holes, but because of the design, I could only add one. I’m not sure if that would do the trick or not. I’ll update you on whether I decide to keep it or not.
Lastly, thank you so, so, so much for the kind birthday wishes! They were so nice to read!