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Yesterday I wore for the first time my newly acquired (on sale!) Terrace House Jacket. While it didn’t receive tons and tons of compliments, it did get its fair share. But the quality of one compliment it received deserves mentioning…a friend said this might just be her favorite piece of my clothing (and for the record, she comments regularly)! What a great sale buy it turned out to be!


….Or not. It’s itchy, itchy, itchy around the neck! As the day went on I grew used to it a bit, but it was still a bit of a pain. The jacket is lovely otherwise, and it’s in my closet to stay. My question is, does anyone have any tips/suggestions for eliminating/reducing this itch?! I know this may not be possible because it’s the nature of the fabric, but I thought I’d ask anyway. Again, it’s just around the neck that bothers me. Much thanks for the tips!

What to do about that itch?!

I hope everyone is having/has a great weekend! I know mine is going to be busy with a lot of work needing to be accomplished, but Thanksgiving is just around the corner! I’m excited! Hmmm….I have got to figure out what to wear (and don’t worry…a styling post for the holiday is destined to be near!)!