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Have you seen The September Issue? It’s not new…well relatively speaking, considering it was released in 2009. No? Yes? Well, I just saw it today, and I’ve got to tell you…it’s a must see! It chronicles the making of one of Vogue’s September issues, which is always their biggest issue of the year. Anna Wintour is seen front  and center throughout the film and though she might come across as a bit demanding, I truly believe it’s only because of how passionate she is about her work. She’s great at what she does and works with so many other unbelievably talented people. When you mix passionate people together, of course there will be some disagreements.


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Additionally, the movie also pays great attention to Grace Coddington, Vogue’s creative director. Her work is truly magnificent…Ms. Wintour even calls her a genius at one point!

Seriously, if the only reason you watch this is to check out Ms. Wintour’s downright fabulous outfits, it will still be worth it.


For those of you who have already seen this movie, what did you think of it? Please share!!!