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It’s just going to be a rather quick post today because I have some sort of bug in my system, but nonetheless it should hopefully give you your daily Anthro fix!

I was catching up on Bakerella (a totally un-Anthro affiliated site) yesterday, and discovered that Angie Dudley, the woman behind the site, has been wearing Anthro quite a bit! She has recently published a book called Cake Pops, and it is on these visits to meet fans that she’s been rocking Anthro! The pictures belong to her, so I’m afraid I can’t post them here, but I’ll gladly link you to the right places!

First, in early October, she wore the Myths & Legends Dress (no longer available at Anthro).

(image from here)

To see it on her, click here and scroll down until you get to the fifth image, where it makes its appearance.

In that same post, she also wears the Twinkle Twinkle Dress (no longer available at Anthro) with a sweater, which I’m nearly sure is from Anthro…but I can’t seem to remember its name (help anyone?!?!). Later on in the post, she wears that sweater with pants.

(image from here)

To see the dress look, click here and scroll down until you get to the eleventh picture. To see the sweater with pants version, click that same link and scroll down to the last “batch” of photos.

In late October, she posted pictures where she’s wearing the ever popular Southward Stop Shirtdress (I did a styling request on it here!).

(image from here)

To see this look, click here and the first image you’ll see showcases it!

In mid November, she wore the Coin Purse Cardigan (no longer available at Anthro).

(image from here)

To see the outfit with this, click here and scroll down to the third image.

Isn’t it just absolutely thrilling to happen upon others wearing Anthro when you’re not expecting it?!

In other news, she posted a fabulous looking Brownie Pecan Pie recipe today. Yum! Check it out! And don’t worry…that Thanksgiving styling post is on its way!