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Melissa emailed me the other day with a fabulous styling request…you see, she wants to wear the Discovered Lace Dress to a holiday party that’s coming up. She wants to belt it and wear some tights, and the idea of non-black has intrigued her; however, she’s stumped as to how to do this!

Discovered Lace Dress

There’s no denying that this is one gorgeous dress, and I believe it’s perfect for a holiday party, if I do say so myself!

So, let’s get started addressing those concerns!

To start out, let’s get a game plan so we can stay focused. I suggest first browsing Anthro’s belts and legwear, and just tagging any of each type of item that you may like. Try to think about the dress, but not the other component (so, when looking at the belts, pick some that appeal to you…but don’t worry about them matching some tights). After that, we’ll work on creating a cohesive belt-legwear-dress combo. Finally, we’ll layer on some accessories and add some shoes (you may choose to do the shoes before the accessories…but it doesn’t really matter). To recap:

  1. Browse belts. Select those that appeal to you and that you think have the possibility of working with the dress. Make sure to note all of the colors that the belt comes in that you think may work.
  2. Browse legwear. Select those that appeal to you and that you think have the possibility of working with the dress. Again, make sure to note all of the colors that the belt comes in that you think may work.
  3. From your belt and legwear selections, try to make combos.
  4. Select shoes.
  5. Select accessories (you may switch the order of the last two steps).

*You may choose to add two additional steps before step 3 in which you pick out shoes and accessories that appeal to you.

Of course, none of these steps are set in stone, but let’s go ahead and try them out.

Step 1:

Soft Bow Belt – $28 – comes in purple, neutral (brown), and gray

Time-In, Time-Out Belt – $30 – comes in lime, medium orange, and purple

Tumbled & Forged Belt – $58 – comes in brown and green

Many Paths Belt – $165

Circle Game Belt – $38 – comes in brown

Punch Card Belt – $48

Quattrocento Belt – $268 – gold brass

Roving Rose Corset Belt – $148 – red (but a very subtle one, judging from the picture, I’d say!)

Banded Together Belt – $38 – comes in black and brown

Manitoba Belt – $68 – neutral (light brown, it appears)

Spruce Corset Belt – $32 – black

Step 2:

Sparkle Strip Tights – $18 – black

Pointelle Tights – $18 – black

Opaque Tights – $12.50 – comes in purple, navy, black, red, yellow, and green

Sparkling Diamond Tights – $22 – black

Note: Use caution if you decide to pair the dress with these…while they could look fabulous, they could also be overkill due to the lace already on the dress.

Daisy Chain Tights – $16 – black

Inkblot Rose Tights – $16 – black

(These could be harder to successfully style.)

Malay Tights – $16 – black

Cathedral Facade Tights – $16 – black

For these, again, see the note above.

Now, onto the somewhat trickier, step 3:

Obviously, using the selections from steps 1 and 2, there could be tons of different combinations. But shall I show you a few ideas?

How about….


the Tumbled & Forged Belt in green and the Sparkling Stripe Tights in black



the Time-In, Time-Out Belt in medium orange and the Opaque Tights in black



the Many Paths Belt in black and the Opaque Tights in red

Before we go onto step 4, let me give a bit of guidance in making combinations for step 3, which I just did:

  • In general, pair a colored belt with a less busy pair of tights…if the tights have a pattern, consider doing them in a neutral color.
  • If you pick brightly colored or busily patterned tights, in general, pick a more basic belt…probably in a neutral color.

Again, there are always exceptions, but these tips will stand true most of the time.

Step 4:

Once again, there are many possible shoe pairings. The following are some ideas.

For the first combo:

Feldspar Fissures Booties – $375

For the second combo:

Louvre Shutter Booties – $198

For the third combo:


Crinkled Corona Mary-Janes – $425

In terms of tips…if the belt/tight combo yields some attention (i.e. is not subtle and monochromatic), as these particular combos do, stay simplistic with the shoe. You don’t want to go overboard!

Step 5:

It’s the exciting part…pick out the accessories and then put the whole look together!

As with the shoes, I advise keeping the jewelry simplistic and to a minimum.

And now, the final looks!

Combo 1:

Discovered Lace Dress

Into Midnight Ring (circle) – $58

Combo 2:

Discovered Lace Dress

Feathered Friend Necklace (nude) – $58

Because the belt is rather thin here, one can afford to do a necklace. If the belt was thicker, a necklace could easily add to much between the lace and the belt. Another option with this look would be to double up the belts (use two of them), and then accessorize with a ring instead.

Combo 3:

Discovered Lace Dress

Ama Cuff (silver) – $68

There you have it! Color with the Discovered Lace Dress definitely works. Just don’t go overboard with a colored belt, colored tights, colored shoes, and colored accessories!

My hope is that this post will be both helpful to Melissa and everyone…maybe you can use this systematic approach in styling items in your closet! 

Which look is your favorite? And do you like this systematic approach?