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It seems like I’ve been getting sick a lot lately…don’t worry, nothing too severe, but enough to be pesky. Yesterday I caught a cold, and today it has really bogged me down. What’s the perfect cure? When I got home, I made myself a cup of hot chocolate. Mmmm….perfection. Maybe it doesn’t cure my cold, but it sure was a little bit of bliss!


(image from here)

In honor of this, I thought, why not do a hot chocolate inspired styling?! Well, my mind didn’t cooperate. Unfortunately, I still have quite a bit of work I must accomplish, and my brain just isn’t in the most creative mood (brains have moods…didn’t you know that?!). So, trying to figure out how to deal with this brain of mine, I thought Ah-ha! That’s what I’ll do! I’ll ask the readers if they have any hot chocolate inspired stylings or hot chocolate inspired Anthro pieces in mind! Then, when I feel better, I’ll feature their ideas and my own hot chocolate inspired styling!

So, naturally, I’ve agreed. And I’m now asking you (yes, you!) to please leave a comment with a piece(s) from Anthro that reminds you of hot chocolate in some way. Be as abstract as you want! Then, within the next few days, I’ll include all of your ideas in a post, along with a hot chocolate inspired styling of my own! Remember…you don’t have to create a styling (unless you want to), but rather just leave the name or link of an Anthro piece that reminds you of hot chocolate.

Peppermint hot chocolate, white chocolate hot chocolate, hot chocolate with marshmallows, hot chocolate with whipped cream and chocolate shavings, spiced hot chocolate, classic hot chocolate…you name it! Be inspired! And grab a cup of some hot chocolate while you’re at it!

Thanks so much for your help! I hope this will be a fun thing to do!

And what’s your “cure” for a cold after a long day?