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I told you about a series of posts before New Year’s centralized on reflections, resolutions, and fun that I’d be doing! Here is the fourth of those posts – and it’s the resolution part!

New Year’s Resolutions. Do you make them? More importantly, perhaps, is do you keep them?

Well, I think I should at least attempt to make some here, regarding my blog. But of course, I hope you’ll forgive me if at times I don’t follow through!

So, goals for 2011:

  • Post as often as possible. Life is busy, but try to get in 4-5 posts a week. Again, that’s try. HOWEVER, try to make them quality posts, not just posts for the sake of doing posts.
  • Keep up the styling! Keep doing styling request! Um, hey, YOU…could you help me out with this by sending requests?! Thanks!
  • Keep on commenting on other people’s blogs. As a blogger, I really appreciate comments (they’re kind of…satisfying…and help me know there are people out there reading!). Therefore, I need to remember to comment pretty often on the blogs I read (and there’s a loooong list of them!).
  • Continue trying to make my blog the best it can be. This seems pretty general, but I need to be always thinking of ways to improve my blog!

And now…I feel like I should include you in some of the process of making resolutions! Therefore, would you mind voting in the poll below? You can vote for as many items as you want! Thanks!