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What’s a better way to kick off this second day of the new year than with a styling request?! Beats me!

Rachel, the amazing seamstress from Shoes & Sewing, requested I style her BCBGirls “Toke” Cowboy Boots. She said she adores them, but just can’t figure out ways to wear them to work (she works at a community college, so the dress code is pretty flexible).

(image from here)

The brown color of the boots is definitely a neutral, so color shouldn’t be too much of an issue. To best let the detailing of the boots stand out, keep the rest of the look rather simplistic. The one major “don’t” with these boots is that you should not go crazy with the western aspect of the boot. If your top and bottom or dress evoke a western feel, you’ll look costume-y. And wouldn’t you rather look elegant and put together?! Oh, and make sure there is space between the top of the boot and bottom of your skirt/dress for best visual balance.

And now, some head-to-toe stylings!:

Hiking Ruffles Cardigan (brown) – $78

Mainstay Tunic (white) – $78

Pilcro Stretch Cord Leggings (green) – $88

BCBGirls “Toke” Cowboy Boots

New Wind Necklace – $48

Pair the crisp white shirt with the quietly green pants and soft, ruffled cardigan to achieve an effortless vibe. Add the necklace to help dress the look up a bit and to bring out the gold detailing on the boots!

Look Back Sweater Dress (purple) – $148

Opaque Tights (cocoa) – $12.50

BCBGirls “Toke” Cowboy Boots

Blooming Bramble Cuff – $42

The texture of the knit dress with the textures of the tights, boots, and bracelets makes for one dynamic look (and psst…the dress has an adorable exposed zipper in the back – I love exposed zippers!). Again, the gold from the bracelet helps to pull out the detailing from the boots.

Linea Blouse – $158

Collecting Starlight Skirt – $188

Scallops & Sparkles Belt – $32

Opaque Tights (brown) – $12.50

BCBGirls “Toke” Cowboy Boots

This look, too, is all about texture. Tuck the blouse loosely into the subtly green patterned skirt and add the belt. The tights and boots finish off the look. It’s definitely not too much going on (and remember that the tights, belt, and boots all thread the look together), but rather a cohesive, not to mention stunning, look! If you wanted you could add a bit of jewelry (maybe a ring, perhaps?!), but it’s not absolutely necessary.

So there you have it…the boots styled with pants, a dress, and a skirt! Now onto some individual pieces that could work:

Climbing Thicket Pullover – $98

Imagine this with some simple pants, as seen the first look, or a nice skirt. It could be divine with the boots!


Slouchy Stitch Pullover – $148

This is just the right amount of small-town feel to combine with the boots. I really think this could be just gorgeous!

Lundin Links Sweater – $78

Again, this has some charm to it….but not too much to work with the boots. Imagine this color green with the boots! Just beautiful!

Zipped Cable Cardigan – $128

Yes, if not styled correctly with the boots this could read disaster, but as long as you keep the rest of the look clean and modern, this would be the perfect complement to the boots!

Cinched Swathe Jacket – $128

This is the perfect amount of modern for the boots!

There you have it! I hope Rachel will get some good ideas…as well as any of you who may have some cowboy-like boots buried in your own closet! Dig ’em out and work them (as they say, boots are made for walkin’!)!