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I told you about my initial love for the Le Soir Magnique Coat here, then asked you for alternative suggestions here, and reviewed your suggestions here. Well, guess what. The wonderful Laura, of Anthro Closet Chaos, pointed out to me that the coat is now on sale! Somehow, I had missed this news myself. And the new price, down from $298? $149.95! That’s nearly fifty percent off! Sounds great, huh?!

Well…maybe it turns out it is. Problem is, the size zero is sold out! According to the reviews, the size zero may have worked…but very likely it could have been much too big, so there’s no way a size two would work. So, I could email customer service and see if there’s any size zeros left within stores. But would it be worth it? Do you think $150 is still too much for it (I think it’s probably reasonable…but then again, I don’t need it, but definitely want it!)? And then, I’m also left wondering whether, provided customer service finds a size zero, I should go for it. You see, I’m headed off to New York City in a few weeks, and I really want save up for those NYC Anthro stores. Then again, what’s the harm in ordering it and then returning it if it just isn’t “love” in person? Hmmm….

Readers, do you have any advice? I’d really appreciate any you can give! Thanks in advance!