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Okay, guys….what did you think of the Golden Globes?! I should clarify – I mean fashion wise (although if you want to comment on winners or losers, as the case may be, I’d still love to hear!)! We’re going to do a run through of many of the dresses, and along the way, I’ll give my take. After my take, I’ll include a poll for you to vote about whether you love the dress, hate it, or just think it’s “meh.” Please vote! It’ll be fun for all of us to see the results!


Yes, Angelina does look good – pretty darn good, actually. One of the trends last night definitely was this emerald colored green, so that’s worth noting. Overall though, is it absolutely spectacular? I don’t think so (please keep in mind I’m being picky though!). On a side note, did anyone catch during the show when the camera was on her and then she retouched her lip gloss?! A bit embarrassing, huh?!

Newly single Scarlett probably could have done much better. Granted, I don’t think this is the best and most flattering picture, but still. I don’t like her hair here, but in other shots I saw I kind of liked it. The dress, again in other shots, was just okay. Not a disaster, but not great.

Oh, Eva. Yes, it’s pretty. The back is nice. But it always seems to me like she could do better! Maybe I’m just being way to hard on her…what do you think? Again, it’s not bad, but I just am thinking of the possibilities with her! She does look good though (newly single!)!

When I first saw this, I was like, “What is she doing? What’ with the cape?! A bit grandma-ish!” I’ll admit the dress and cape combo grew on me, but only slightly.

This is certainly a lot of dress, but it has a nice vibe to it. I’m not totally in love, but it’s still nice. And she also looks really comfortable in it, which is important, but often an overlooked aspect. I don’t think she looks as good though as she did in this red carpet appearance:

No. N..n..n..no! This dress doesn’t even look pleasing to the eye! It’s as if it’s two separate dress ideas combined! The huge, oversized sleeve resembled a sling to me…

First things first…Halle has an amazing body. But this dress? For the Golden Globes? I don’t think so! It’s more Grammys in my opinion, and anyway, I don’t even think it’s as flattering as it should be (look where the skirt hits her thigh!). Can you imagine her in a perfectly fitted but somewhat slinky full length gown?! Perfection!

Well, this isn’t a train wreck. But somehow I think she was aiming for better than that.

Lea is definitely one to be on the fashion watch list, so naturally, I’m a bit disappointed. Again, she’s far from being on the worst dressed list, but meh…

Honestly, I’m not loving her with bangs. The dress, too, is just okay. A major ‘meh’ for me.

Okay…where do I even start?! Oh my….now this is a train wreck. As if the hair wasn’t bad enough, she paired this crazy dress (the mesh sort of resembles her hair, huh?!) with it. And if that wasn’t bad enough, she wore two different (and ugly) shoes! The shoes alone look like a confused Christmas…

One word….boring. Carrie could definitely do so much better. Even just switching out the matchy-matchy bag would have done wonders!

I love Michelle’s quirky yet adorable style most of the time, but this?! No! The straps have potential, but the rest? And it just seems to add pounds to her, don’t you think?!

I was worried when I saw Sofia sitting down…it was just a lot of cleavage. However, upon seeing the red carpet shots, I actually think it’s quite nice. A bit shiny for my taste, but nice.

This is another girl that I think could do so much better. I’m not a fan of the shade of pink or the sparkly bands. The whole bodice could have worked, but I don’t think it worked in reality. Is it just me or does this dress not really seem like her (of course I don’t know her, but something just seems off…)?

I was definitely looking forward to see what Natalie chose to wear…and I was a bit disappointed. I think I’ll remember the top of this dress…but not because I like it. I think something form-fitting to show off her baby bump (tiny as it may be at this point) would have been a lot more daring. And on a side note, was her acceptance speech not a bit awkward?!

No! Heidi, you should know better! This could be a simply gorgeous dress for a dinner on a tropical island, but for the Golden Globes?! What was she thinking?!

Jennifer, Jennifer, Jennifer. No, no, no! Besides adding pounds to her, this dress is just wrong (what’s with the crumb catcher-esque top?!)! The hair, too, is completely wrong. She needs help…

This is pretty, yes, but it does something funny to her…it doesn’t really elongate her as any good dress should. It’s a bit safe, don’t ya think? Worst dressed? No way! Best dressed? Nope!

This is intriguing. In some photos, the color did not work for her at all, but in others it’s okay. The silhouette though is so simple that it’s daring. And I kind of like that about it…

I feel like I’ve seen something similar to this on Kyra…I want something original! However, she does look good…not best dressed worthy though.

I cannot find a good picture of the back of this dress, and I also don’t think this is the best picture of the dress, but let me just say that I really loved this dress. It was simplistic, age-appropriate, modern yet classic, and simply stunning. The back of the dress was backless. The absolute best dressed? Probably not…I’ll save my pick for that title until a little later one! 🙂

Between the blue dress, blue earrings, and blue makeup, it’s a bit blue overload. She does look happy and healthy though!

Nicole does look beautiful (although, what’s with the thing on her shoulder?!). However, I want to see her take a risk…I bet she could carry it off!

The most positive things I can say about this are a) she’s unique and sticks to her own style and b) she caught on to the simplistic trend! However, nooo! No, no, no! Tilda, this doesn’t work! To be honest, it’s kind of bizarre.

This is pretty…it has nice texture and picks up on the green trend of the night. However, is it simply stunning? Simply original? Simply lust worthy? No.

Let me start by saying that this is a lot better than what Leighton’s worn recently, but still. It’s not horrible, but perfection? Far from it? Something about it is sort of Star Wars-esque. Is that just me?!

Yes, this picks up on the green trend…but something about the cut is just plain awkward!

This is definitely a nice dress. But am I swooning? Nope.

Being a young star, Sarah could have way more fun and be a lot more risky! This just isn’t cutting it for me!

While I’m not in love with this, I do have to admit she looks good and that the dress fits her beautifully (which is oh so important!)!

Sure this isn’t an in-your-face type of dress, but that’s okay, right?! It’s simple and elegant, and Dianna looks beautiful!

This is pretty enough. Best dressed? No. But well dressed? Yes.

This dress is certainly worth talking about…I’m guessing it’s somewhat controversial. The top certainly is daring. I’m glad she took a risk. But with the fringe bottom, it may be a bit too much. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it.


Is this the best Amy has ever looked? Certainly not. But does she look bad? Certainly no. You can definitely tell the similarities between this dress and the dress Blake Lively wore that I talked about here – they’re both Marchesa.

Personally, I’m not a fan of this. It’s definitely not worst-dressed worthy, but it’s just not my cup of tea!

Tina Fey, Tina Fey, Tina Fey. She usually needs help when it comes to her red carpet dressing. She needed it here, once again. The top broadens her shoulders too much…and the dress just isn’t working for me. Her worst though? No.

This is extremely age appropriate (she’s 14)…and I really like it! The back was really pretty too! Yay for a young one getting it right!

This was age appropriate, but still very modern with the original sleeves. Melissa looked great on stage as the sequins looked like the perfect sea of movement.

I appreciate where Jayma was going with this, but I don’t think it worked out quite as well as she would have hoped. It’s not horrible though, and her hair and makeup is beautiful.

This is definitely a bit safe, but I can appreciate and beauty and simplicity of the dress.

This looked old…and not in the good, vintage kind of old way. Really, it looks like a bad 70s-80s remake.

And oh, there are so many more dresses to go through! However, I fear the post would become too long…so, in the comments, please mention any other dresses you think we must touch on – the good or the bad. However, I did save one dress for last…

Anne looked simply stunning! Her flawless body was showcased perfectly, and the backless back was to die for! I adore this look! It’s definitely a strong possibility for best dressed!

And now, I need you to vote three last times (one poll though). Please vote for three ladies’ dresses to be used for inspiration in an Anthro head-to-toe styling! Again, you can choose three women’s dresses!

Also, in the comments please dish on any other tidbits about the Globes you find interesting…I want to hear!

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And Happy Martin Luther King Junior Day!