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Note: This is not Anthro related, but very much apparel-related. Hope you’ll read!

In a few months, I’m planning on going on a tropical vacation. Needless to say, I’m already thinking of a bathing suit! I’ve perused Anthro’s swimwear possibilities, and while I love some of them, the prices are high. So, I’m also exploring other possibilities…and today, I looked at Bluefly.

Like on J. Crew’s website, while shopping online you can chat with a personal shopper. I decided to give it a shot today! At this point, I should note that I’ve only bought one item from Bluefly before – a spring-weight trench coat that I simply adore (I wore it constantly for my joint London/France trip this past spring!)!

Here was my criteria that I started out by explaining to my personal shopper: I want something unique – maybe sort of unexpected – but it can’t break the bank (i.e. ideally $50-ish, but knowing that is not much, up to $150 for something spectacular). I told her my size (00-0 or XXS-XS), and then anxiously awaited her response! Before she got to showing me ideas, she gave a list of some body types and asked me to let her know what my body is best defined. I responded that it’s athletic, but with a pretty defined waist….and then it was back to holding my breath in anticipation!

And…the first option was this:

*I have to apologize that I can not seem to get a larger version of some of the pictures! To see them better click on the link above.

I told her it was okay, but I wasn’t in love. I wasn’t a huge fan of the print, nor the “tubes” on the middle of the top and on the bottoms. Secretly, though, to myself I thought that we were off to good start!

And then she showed me this:

This is where the experience started to get a little off track from where I hoped it would be. To myself, I thought: How is this unique?!

I held back my minor shock though, and politely said I thought it looked a bit outdated. I did say, however, that I thought the striped version of the suit was nicer. Then, hoping for some expert advice, asked her what colors she thought might look good on my pale (with red hues) skin tone. She avoided this question by just saying maybe the striped would look better, and then proceeded to show me this

Once again, I thought to myself that aside from the print, there was nothing exciting, special, or unique about this suit. And honestly, I kind of hated the print. However, as I was throughout this whole conversation, and how I believe people should always treat one another, I politely told her that aside from the print I didn’t think it was very unique (and that I wasn’t a fan of the print). I also went on to say that maybe I should clarify…although it would be great if the pattern was a little unique, I’m more interested in the suit’s overall cut being unique.

And then, I was a bit taken aback. She said in an almost a snippy tone (although it’s the internet, so I can’t say for sure) that most suits in my budget are classic, simple styles. Perhaps that’s true…and that’s something I just have to accept with my budget (I even acknowledged this to her), but considering she’s supposed to be a personal shopper, I was hoping to at least explore the best possibilities available to me. Isn’t that her job? Or were my expectations a bit too high? Perhaps a bit of both.

We exchanged a few more words clarifying once again by what I meant by “unique,” and I thanked her for her patience.

She then showed me this:

This was more on the right track, and I told her so. However, I also was not a huge fan of the “holes” (although the “holes” were what was unique about the suit). Yet again, I thanked her for her patience, considering how picky I can be.

She proceeded to show me this:

This was definitely my favorite she showed me at this point!

Next up, was this one:

I didn’t like this quite as much as the last one, but still was impressed that she seemed to be better understanding my wants.

The next one was this:

I told her it was okay.

And so she showed me this:

I was sensing we were getting further away from what I wanted at this point because while this was not ugly, it wasn’t anything special.

….Alas, I was correct. She informed me she didn’t think there was anything else worth showing me, but that I should check back for new arrivals. Thus, my first ever Bluefly chat with a personal shopper was over.

The verdict? Well, of the swimsuits she showed me, this was my favorite:

However, did I love it so much that I jumped on purchasing it? No.

As you can probably tell, in the end, I wasn’t completely thrilled with my experience. However, I think she tried her best for the most part. Did she give it her all? I’m not sure. Will I consider using this service again? Ya, I’d be willing to.

And that concludes my review. If any of you have any questions, let me know! Also, I’d be very interested to hear about any of your own personal experiences you might have had with this service! And finally, I can’t help but wish Anthro had something like this!!!!