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Yesterday I gave a review of my Bluefly personal shopper experience. If you missed it, be sure to check it out! Well, anyway, today I decided to give the experience another shot. Yes, it was only a day from my first try, but I wanted to see what another personal shopper could do with my same task (personal shoppers are randomly assigned). I just couldn’t resist the urge!

Here are the swimsuits I was shown, in order (from beginning to end):

I was first shown this one, but I cannot seem to find a picture! Darn!

Once again, I cannot find a picture of the next suit! But it was this one!

Next up was this:

Then, this one:

Next was this elegant one, which I also can’t find a picture of!

And then, it was this one:

Recognize it?! You should! It was shown to me by my previous personal shopper! When I told the current personal shopper that I liked it alright, but prefered the version below, she commented on how she was going to show me that one next!

And I came to the conclusion that I prefer this one the best out of Bluefly’s options for my budget. However, I didn’t pull the trigger and buy it because I’m convinced I’ll be able to find something cheaper I like even more…I’m thinking of looking at Urban Outfitters!

Anyway, this time, my experience was much better! My personal shopper asked great questions, such as my hair color and which colors I gravitate towards. I asked my personal shopper the other day what colors would probably look good on my skin tone and received no response, but this time my personal shopper told me thought jewel tones might be nice (and I agree!)! Additionally, she kept in mind my height (I’m short at just around 5 feet tall!)! And so, now, based on this experience alone, I can fully recommend the free service!

Some of you had asked me how to take advantage of the service, and the way I originally did was by chance…I was browsing, and a little pop up asked me if I would like to use the service. This time, I knew about the service, so I searched the site and found out how to connect with a personal shopper immediately. To do so, click this link. Then, scroll down and on the left it should have something about chat titled “Online Concierge” (you click the link and you’re connected instantly!). It should be noted that they don’t have the service 24-7, and if it’s not available at the moment, a message will say, “Chat is unavailable at this time. Please try again later.”

I hope you’ll give the service a try – it’s kind of fun – and tell me how it goes (and keep in mind I am not affiliated nor endorsed by Bluefly in anyway…this is my honest opinion)!