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So, what did you think of the fashion last night at the SAG Awards?! My overall verdict? Not too shabby! No, I’m not totally swooning over anyone’s look, but there really weren’t too many total disasters either! Shall we take a closer look?

Natalie, oh, Natalie! I watched the red carpet arrivals on E! with Guiliana Rancic acting as the interviewer and it was said many times, “Baby bumps are the new black!” Whether you want to believe this or not is up to you, but I can certainly say that I’m, once again, disappointed with Natalie’s look! I know I said this for the Golden Globes, but I really would have liked to see her in something fitted. Nonetheless, even if I’m just judging what she actually wore, I’m still not happy! The dress didn’t seem to fit her right – it was a wrinkled mess underneath her bump. When she came on stage to present, you could tell it was freshly steamed – and when she won, not too long after this, the dress was already a huge wrinkled mess (luckily you could only really see her from the bust up once she got on stage!). I mean, this picture even shows some of the wrinkles (they were worse when she won her award). And the hair? Although it doesn’t look too, too bad in this picture, it actually didn’t seem to flatter her face at all.

Oh, my. Well, Helena definitely improved from the Globes. Hey – she’s wearing matching shoes, at least! Obviously, this look is far from good though. Do you think she should continue to try to be more subdued or do you think she should just be her crazy self and accept not being best dressed (or would that make her best dressed for you?)? I want to hear your thoughts!

Yes, this is pretty enough. Is it stunning? Not really. But I’m okay with it. It’s not too shabby. And what do you think of the hair? I wasn’t a huge fan…

Yay! Nicole didn’t wear white! I would still love to see her in color though (not red…but another color). I really don’t mind this dress though. The back was stunning (loved the exaggerated fabric zipper pull) and I like the boning-like lines throughout the dress. The necklace worked well. Her hair though? A bit stringy. Overall, she’s not best dressed, but definitely not worst dressed!

First, let’s just say, “Way to go, Amy!” She recently had a baby, and she looks terrific. This fabric definitely shows everything. When she was being interviewed by Giuliana, I thought that, for that reason, the dress didn’t work as well. However, from a picture like this, it doesn’t look half bad! I do think the dress made her look a bit flat-chested though.


Sure from the bust up this looks fine, but otherwise, not so much. I mean, it’s just not flattering! And the fact that you can easily make out those seams isn’t great (that wasn’t what the designer was looking for)….

I know this may seem harsh, but I’m just saying that I don’t think the dress does her justice. She could do better.

I definitely can appreciate where Jennifer was going with this…however, the shoes just made it way too clunky. Oscar de la Renta (the designer of this dress) is known for his soft, feminine designs, so her choice of hairstyle seems like she was trying to go a different direction. In the end, it seems like a bit disjointed of a look. And probably the biggest question under debate with this dress is: should the bow be black or pink? You tell me.

Hailee really impressed with her age appropriate look at the Globes, and again, she did not disappoint (she’s 15). She wore one of the trends of the night – bright colors…orange and red primarily. The simplicity of the dress is refreshing and suits her well.

Annette’s tamed hair certainly looked better than it did at the Globes! I also can appreciate her age appropriate dress that still has an interesting cut (the back was really nice). She’s definitely not my best dressed though.

The handbag definitely is not working for Winona, but other than that, it’s not too, too bad. However, the whole look is a bit wedding-ish, don’t-cha think?

I really appreciated Kim’s apparent desire to look a bit more classy with this look! The Marchesa dress look nice, and her make-up wasn’t too heavy!

This, too, even though it was a pale pink, seemed a little wedding dress-reminiscent to me (for those of you who watch Say Yes to the Dress, tell me it wasn’t a bit Pnina Tornai like – I mean, wasn’t it?!)! I didn’t think this dress was anything we haven’t seen before either, so while Angie’s not worst dressed, she’s not best dressed either.

Sofia certainly showed off her body in this dress, which I think worked for the most part. Not my best dressed though…

I really appreciate the risk Julie took with this jumpsuit…it was a lot different from her Globes dress! At first I wasn’t so sure, but it’s started to grow on me…she looks fresh and modern!

Jenna! You could do so much better than this! It’s not worst-dressed material, but still!

This was a nice change from Lea’s Globes dress. It makes her look young, fresh, and modern. Is it love though? No.

I really appreciate that Jane went out of her comfort zone with this, but I’m not so sure it worked.

This difficult color to wear worked pretty well, and the dress was pretty enough. Her hair and make up were nice too, but she’s not best dressed worthy.

Amber, once again, picked a great dress that works for her body perfectly!

Dianna took a risk with this hemline! I’m not totally in love with the look though. I’m thinking the dress probably was a lot more stunning in person. What do you think?

Heather looks beautiful in this dress…but she’s not best dressed for me!

I really liked the colors of this look – the contrast between her earrings and the dress is great! The dress probably could have done a little more for her though…

This was pretty enough – it definitely had simplicity going for it. Not best dressed though…

This was really nice. I liked the earrings that paired perfectly and helped to add interest!

No. Sorry, but no.

Hooray! Hooray! Seriously guys – hooray! Tina usually is in need of major help when it comes to her red carpet looks, but she nailed it this time! I’m not even going to say, “Oh, this is an improvement!” but rather, “Man! I love this!” The dress is oh so pretty, and her hair complements it nicely! I’m not saying she’s my best dressed, but she’s up in my top 10 for sure, maybe even top 5!

Jane looked like an age appropriate, glowing mother-to-be!


I loved how Claire, who looked divine at the Globes, went for something quite different this time around. I think it really was lovely, although the belt doesn’t work 100% for me.

Yes, this is a gorgeously draped dress, but if you’re just looking at the cut, it’s rather unoriginal. The coloring definitely adds some flair, but I’m not so sure I love it. Actually, I know I don’t love it. Not close to worst dressed though!

I’m glad Eva took a risk and strayed from her norm, but Eva…oh, Eva! It just doesn’t work! It looks as though she wore the tall version instead of the needed petite. The waist hits her too low, making her look shorter than she is!

And now, for my personally two favorites:

There is absolutely no denying that this is one gorgeous dress (Alexander McQueen!)! She carried it off beautifully too!

I know some of you are probably thinking I’m crazy – this look is probably one of the most controversial of the night (her Globes dress was too!). Granted, I don’t think this is the best photograph, and I’ll also admit it took a bit for this to grow on me, but grow on me it did! It was different and fit her perfectly. Her hair was also the perfect complement! Love!

Now, please vote for your best dressed! Then, please vote for three (3 each!!) ladies whose looks you want to be used as inspiration for an Anthro head-to-toe styling! Thanks!

Thanks for voting! If you have any other thoughts, I’d be excited to hear in the comments!

(images from here)