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I’ve got an Anthro spotting for you! It’s the Peggy Sue dress:

Where, you ask? Head on over to the “Meet Joy” page on Joy the Baker (think of it as the “about” page). Besides heading on over to the page to check out Joy in the dress, Joy has an incredible blog filled with mouth-watering treats that you might want to check out too. In fact, I’ve made some of the goodies on her blog before, including Frozen Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls (her recipe: here). I know this is a bit off topic, but I feel as though I must tell you about these when mentioning her blog…I mean, they were awesome! My family gave them rave reviews. They’re seemingly so simple, yet so good. As an added bonus, I drizzled homemade caramel atop some of them (some of them I kept plain).

And oh goodness, now I’m really craving these (I made these in the summer…it’s about time I make them again!)!

But anyway…yes…go check out the Peggy Sue on Joy.

(And if you should have any questions about the Frozen Cookie Dough Balls, feel free to ask! :))