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The Oscars are tonight!!! Hoooooray! (You know I’m way more excited for the fashion than finding out of the winners, right?!) So who should we have our eyes on, for hopefully some stunning fashion? I’ll show you each  of the ladies’ looks from last year…if possible, along with my reasoning for why we should watch out for them.

Anne Hathaway

Rachel Zoe, the master of all stylists, usually dresses Anne with her keen eye. Do you remember Anne’s Golden Globes dress from this year? Perfection! (Go here to see the dress and stylings inspired by it!) Anne is hosting this year, so with so many possible outfit changes, I’m excited to see what she wears!

Hailee Steinfeld

*this year will be her first Oscars appearance, so this picture is from the SAGs

Hailee has been dressing perfectly age appropriate in fun, gorgeous, minimalist lines dresses. Naturally, I’m thrilled to see what she wears!

January Jones

January takes risks galore. Sure, last year’s Oscars risk might not have totally paid off, but because she is so willing to take these risks, I have to be intrigued. Some of her risks definitely do pay off too!

Tina Fey

Tina is by no means known as a fashion icon…in fact, she’s known for going oh so wrong on the red carpet. But at the SAGs this year, she really wowed. And therefore, I’m hoping she’ll do just as well this time (key word: hoping!).

Mila Kunis

 *this year will be her first Oscars appearance, so this picture is from the SAGs

 Mila has definitely been one to watch this year’s award season. She impressed at both the Golden Globes in Vera Wang and at the SAGs in Alexander McQueen. Here’s to hoping she’ll continue to do well!

Heidi Klum

*her 2009 Oscars look

Yes, I know some of you are probably thinking, “Heidi Klum? Where’d that come from?!” Well, I do have my reasoning. You see, I watch Fashion Police on E!, and George Kotsiopoulos said on Friday he is dressing Heidi. I really have high hopes for Heidi now, considering I really like George.

Natalie Portman

Okay, okay…I admit I don’t think she’s done particularly well at all this award season. Being pregnant shouldn’t be hindering her, but I don’t think she’s nailed dressing for her body quite yet. I hope tonight she’ll pleasantly surprise us!

Who else makes my list? Well, to be honest, my list would include everyone! I just love, love, love red carpet award show fashion!

Stay tuned tomorrow for our ritual day-after award show fashion recap, complete with polls and opinions!

And as I close this post, I ask you: who makes your list for can’t-wait-to-see? Please tell me! I’d love to hear!