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It’s time for our routine day-after award show recap, complete with polls and opinions galore! Due to my workload, I’m sorry to say I’m going to have to split this up into two posts. Perhaps that will be better though – these posts do seem to get long fast!

And also as a pre-note: Yesterday, when I did my “watch-out-for-these-people” (fashion related!), me being my sometimes silly self forgot to actually ponder whether all of those stars would actually be attending the Oscars. It was a huge, glaring mistake on my part that I hope you’ll forgive! Lesson learned!

But without any further babbling, the fashion!

Natalie Portman*

Hooray! Hoorah! Pregnant Natalie finally got it right! Sure, it could be viewed as a tad safe for a pregnant lady, but it’s definitely a look she pulled off! What’s most important is that it fit and didn’t have abundant wrinkles (like her SAGs dress)!

Nicole Kidman*

Nicole did so well at the Grammy’s…only to trip up now! While she stuck to her safe choice of white, I appreciate that she tried to do something more sculptural. However, in the end, it just didn’t work. It felt awkward and a bit outdated.

Reese Witherspoon*

This just didn’t work for me! No, it’s not a catastrophe, but still! The hair felt very Legally Blonde to me, and the dress was just a snore!

Penelope Cruz

First off, it must be acknowledged that Penelope looks fabulous for having just recently had a baby! The dress itself, however, while not horrible, isn’t terribly wowing.

Scarlett Johansson

Okay…I sort of get what this dress could have been, but I just don’t think it worked in actuality. Once again, Scarlett’s hair could use work, as well.  She’s such a beautiful woman, so it’s sad she didn’t nail the look!

Jennifer Lawrence

I love this! It’s so stream-lined and simplistic, but that’s why it’s so lovely! Bravo, Jennifer!

Jennifer Hudson

I know there are some people who are absolutely in love with this look. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them. I do really love the color on her, but the cut up top just doesn’t work for me. She could do better!

Helena Bonham Carter

I think with Helena, you really just need to accept that she’s going to be her own person (which is great!) and that she’s just not going to do high fashion in the way you hope others will do. So, I think Helena did well for herself (not that I would ever give her best dressed though).

I know we’ve only skimmed the surface…but I’m afraid I’ve got to dash out of the door now! Don’t worry – I’ll be back tomorrow!

*indicates there will be another post touching more on them…hopefully on Wednesday