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Today, it’s time for a continuation of our Oscars fashion recap! If you missed yesterday’s post, go here to check it out!

Sandra Bullock

I really liked this! It was age appropriate while still being thoroughly modern! I love that she didn’t try too hard either!

Mila Kunis

Mila has been doing exceptionally well this award season, so it was great to see that she didn’t let us down with this look! But don’t get me wrong – I am in no way head over heels in love with this. She pulls it off well though.

Michelle Williams

There is no denying that this is one gorgeous look. However, while some people are calling Michelle best dressed, I just can’t do so. I feel like we’ve seen this look before…it’s just not original enough for me.

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee has once again, impressed with a gorgeous yet age appropriate look! While I’m not in love with the shoes paired with the look, I still have to give Hailee a pat on the back…well done! (I will say that I was a bit surprised to see her in this though, considering everything else she has done has been minimalistic and very streamlined…but this works too!)

Amy Adams

Amy looks nice. But, I feel like she could have done something a bit more young and fun. If she was about ten plus years older, I think I’d go, “Oh, doesn’t she look nice (and age appropriate)!” At this point in time though, I want something else!

Helen Miren

Helen has such an indescribably grace and elegance to her. She always looks so put together, effortless, and age appropriate. Well done!

Melissa Leo

This just doesn’t work for me…I mean, it could be a lot worse, but still. A huge problem I had was when she went on stage to accept her award (congrats!), she lifted her dress up to walk up the steps, and in so doing, very nearly had a wardrobe malfunction…I’m talking about the fact that the slit went dangerously high. Dangerously!

Annette Benning

Annette didn’t do half bad, once again! I’m not calling her best dressed, but she’s far from worst dressed!

Hilary Swank

I just feel like this has been done so many times before. That pretty much is all I have to say.

Anne Hathaway’s hosting looks

I really wanted to love the white (fourth pictured) look because the top was really pretty and interesting. However, the dress made her look like she had huge hips – which obviously, is so not true. Her other dresses were pretty too, although nothing to write home about. My least favorite dress is definitely the one on the far right (last pictured).

Anne Hathaway

This is certainly one beautiful Valentino dress. I’m not in love with the make-up though. I almost wish she would have gone more natural with her make-up (and hair, to some extent).

Halle Berry

This is such a far cry from her Golden Globes mishap. In fact, I really like this (not love, love)! The tulle may seem strange, but it’s just the perfect touch…which can be attributed to Marchesa’s genius.

Gwyneth Paltrow

On the one hand I kind of like the shine, but on the other, it’s what brings the dress down. I do love the cut though. Modern, simplistic, and perfect for Gwyneth. Her hair really suited the look as well.

cate blanchett 2011 oscars 02

Cate Blanchett

This was my favorite! Sure, I, like many, wondered at first about the sort of picture-frame-esque cut, but in the end, I concluded that I love it! I love the risk of it! I love the cut of it (the shoulders=love!)! I love the colors of it! I really like the back of it! I just love it! 

And now, please tell me…who was best dressed? Who was worst dressed? And, perhaps most importantly, whose look should be used as inspiration for stylings?!

Stay tuned – tomorrow I have an exciting post regarding what could have been at the Oscars (hopefully that’s a hint that will entice you!)!

 (images: here and here)