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Before I jump into the meat of today’s post: Hi! I’m still here! ūüôā I know excuses are excuses…and sometimes rather annoying, but think of this more as an explanation for the sad fact that this is only my second post this work week. You see, I’ve been having 6:00-8:00, sometimes even past 9:00 long days this entire week. Obviously, that doesn’t leave much time for anything else…even though, believe me, blogging is something I enjoy and try to prioritize. Anyway, unfortunately I’ll be having these long days for the next two (work) weeks. I’m hoping that I can better plan my time though, which means I’ll most likely be getting more posts out (maybe even one every day, if I can!). Thanks for your patience with this, and as soon as these next couple of crazy weeks are over, I’ll¬† be back to normal (although, as I said, I hopefully will do better these next two weeks than I did this week). Thanks again…you guys are awesome! ūüôā

But on to today’s post:

Surely we can all agree that Mrs. Michelle Obama is one stylish First Lady. But did you ever think about who helps her achieve her great ensembles? I hadn’t given it much thought…until I read an article recently. I’m going to pull some tidbits from the article throughout this post.

“One appearance in a $34 H&M dress, ¬†which¬†[Michelle Obama]¬†wore this month on the Today Show, can make a stock skyrocket, turn an unknown talent into a star, and send millions of shoppers to the mall, even in a sluggish economy. It’s the Mrs. O effect, but it’s not all the work of one woman.”

The last sentence is the ‘duh’ moment…personally, as I mentioned before, I never really gave much thought as to the team that inevitably is behind Mrs. Obama’s looks. Obviously though, there are some people. Who?

“Obama first met [Ikram] Goldman at her Chicago boutique, Ikram, long before her husband hit the campaign trail. With a reputation for ordering a unique selection of newer, avant-garde or under-represented designer looks for her boutique, Obama saw a kindred spirit. ‘Ikram¬†set the stage for what the first lady wanted to have as her image in the White House.’…’Michelle was going to reflect her husband’s motto of change, of new faces, and of all of a younger generation, through her clothing. Ikram facilitated that because she supported those smaller designers in her own boutique.'”

“All of the inaugural looks, including the career-making Jason Wu gown, went through Goldman. For the first day in office, she had several designers, both famed and little-known, provide sketches of their looks. After she made her selections, she had them custom-designed to the first lady’s measurements, adding personalized flourishes befitting Michelle. From there, the decision were whittled down…Goldman’s job was to narrow down the choices, offer a wide range of selections and handle all the details.”¬†

Meredith Koop, who was formerly Mrs. Obama’s assistant, acts as Mrs. Obama’s personal shopper now. She originally worked at Ikram, Goldman’s boutique.¬†“[Koop’s] role includes “advising the first lady on her wardrobe and acting on her behalf in arranging for purchases, including considering the best offered price and buying on discount if discounts are available”.¬†

“Journalist Robin Givhan¬†describes Koop’s job as “relentless”, considering the non-stop wardrobe changes expected of a first lady in the style spotlight. That means negotiating with designers for looks, fittings and custom alternations, all with an eye for politics. Depending on who she’s visiting, Mrs. O must consider the statement she’s sending.”

Clearly, as pointed out by this last sentence, dressing Mrs. Obama is not an easy job. Can you imagine taking on the challenge? Would you want to?

Sometimes, mistakes are made…or at least in some people’s eyes. For example,¬†“An uproar [was created] because¬†[Mrs. Obama’s]¬†Alexander McQueen gown wasn’t designed by an American.”

It should be noted that Mrs. Obama replied to this criticism with “‘Wear what you love.'” For the record, I totally agree with Mrs. Obama…and think it was fine for her to wear the fabulous Alexander McQueen dress!


The article goes on to talk about her hair stylist, make up artist, and personal trainer. But let’s me honest…the most interesting part is about the clothes!

And how does any of this have to do with Anthro, you ask? Well, I genuinely found the article to be interesting, and thought you might too. However, we’re also now going to take a look at just a small sampling of some of Mrs. Obama’s looks. Then, you get to vote for one look which will be used as inspiration for a styling! Sounds good? I hope so!

#1 (referring to picture above)













Time to vote! Please remember that the numbers correspond to the picture above them. Thanks!

*To view the original article, head on over here.