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So often, I find myself looking for inspiration for stylings from scenery, looks others (often celebrities) have worn, and oh my, so many other places as well. This week, I decided we’d look at a necklace each day. I’ll create two stylings – one using the necklace itself purely as inspiration, and the other actually using the necklace in the look. I think this will be pretty cool!

Sounds good? Well, let’s get started! Another post a bit later today will kick things off!

On a complete side note: If you haven’t seen Shelia’s post on her blog AnthroLife yet, I urge you to go see it. She is doing something incredibly selfless for her one year blogging anniversary…for every comment (per person) on this particular post, she’s donating $1 to the relief effort in Japan via the Red Cross. If that’s not an incredible thing to do, I don’t know what is. Please, go. (And Shelia is a new mother as well…make sure to check out her adorable daughter while you’re visiting her blog!)