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I know, I know…I totally left you hanging there with Necklace Week. In fact, I owe you Day Six and Day Seven still (they should have been done Friday and Saturday)! I’m not going to even make any excuses… I admit I left you hanging, and I’m sorry! Well, honestly, maybe I’ll make one small, tiny, itty-bitty excuse…although really, I’m just filling you in: Truth is, I did work on Day Six on Friday, but I just wasn’t feeling how the styling was turning out, no matter what I did, so I decided to not push a styling I wasn’t too pleased with. But no excuses…I did leave you hanging. Sorry. Please forgive me? 🙂

Necklace Week will proceed this week, and we’ll wrap it up. It’ll be finished up, just not quite in the one week it was supposed to! And in the end, I think that’ll be just fine!

So…how were your weekends?! I had to run errands yesterday, but I also managed to enjoy a bit of free time as well. What did you guys do? Anything exciting? Not so exciting?

And finally, a Happy Purim to my Jewish readers!