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It’s Necklace Week here…well, sort of!  Technically, Necklace Week was last week…but I got a bit behind and we have two days to go! To read a quick summary of what Necklace Week is all about, look for the post titled “Necklace Week”!

Happy Day Six of Necklace Week! Today’s necklace is the Sandlot Necklace ($42).

I love the use of an unconventional material here – yes, it uses shoe strings! Is that not cool, or what?

I also really like the gray-blue combo…I think it’s quite sophisticated here.

The first styling will not actually use the necklace…it will just be inspired by it.

Transitional Cropped Topper (red) – $68

On The Breeze Chemise – $58

Tancarville Heels – $298

Kith & Kin Necklace – $98

Sepia Saddlebag – $268

The unconventionality of the necklace is indirectly seen in this look in the fact that the dress really isn’t a dress per se, but it’s actually loungewear being worn as everyday wear (for a post on the topic, go here!). Layering on a beautiful, vibrant red-orange cardigan to the slate gray chemise helps achieve a nice, sophisticated yet modern color palette that is similar, but not exact to the necklace’s color palette. The styling’s necklace, shoes, and bag all work to create a cohesive, polished look. The end result is sophistication (never thought you’d hear that with loungewear, did you?!)!

Now, this next look features the necklace.

Sandlot Necklace

Sunny Skies Tee (blue motif; the orange motif actually looks equally as great) – $38

Easy Navigation Wide-Legs (blue) – $88

Friend Indeed Bag – $198

A seemingly casual t-shirt and wide leg trousers pair with the necklace to provide a totally chic, yet totally effortless look. The shoes and bag are the finishing touches to complete the look.

The final day of Necklace Week is coming soon……