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As I alluded to yesterday, today I thought we’d take a look back at Necklace Week. I think this will be fun!

First up: As you know, for each necklace used as inspiration, two looks were created – one without the necklace, and one incorporating the necklace. Let’s start by taking a look at the looks you voted as your favorite of the post (at the end of each post).

This look was inspired by the Ten-Speed Necklace. 100% of you voted this as your favorite look of the two for the necklace…wow! I really like the idea of using all of three belts, when normally you’d choose one to use. In the end, the look is quirky, young, and youthful!

The two looks using the Cyclades Cinquefoil Necklace as inspiration actually tied for favoritism, as voted by you. So, I chose my favorite of the two looks, although I do like them both. I really like the soft blue of the shirt with the striped skirt (and, of course, the necklace is showcased!).

There was also a tie for the looks inspired by the Natural Wonder Necklace, so once again, I took the liberty of deciding which look to show. I love the combination of all the pieces in this look. The complete ensemble is modern, yet still very classic. Perfection!

This was a look inspired by the Oscillating Orbs Necklace. I love the summer-y vibe…doesn’t it make you want summer to get. here. now!?!?!? It’s an effortless, yet polished look that I really like! And may I add that I adore these shoes?!

I absolutely adore this look inspired by the Homeward Flight Necklace. Like, seriously, can I wear it now?!?!? Please?! It’s the perfect mix of classic and modern, old and new.

This chic, polished look incorporates the  Sandlot Necklace. I really like the pairing of the necklace with the striped top!

For the final day of Necklace Week, you chose this as your favorite look inspired by the Building Blocks Necklace. I really like the throwback feel, but also its utterly sophisticated color palette.

And that finishes up your favorites….of those, which is your ultimate favorite?!

Now, let’s take a look at just a few of my personal favorites (that weren’t showcased above):

This ensemble was  inspired by the Oscillating Orbs Necklace. I love the crisp, clean lines of the look with the addition of the orange. Surely this could be a great outfit to wear so many places, from work, to brunch!

This look incorporates the Homeward Flight Necklace. Yet again, this is a styling I wish I could wear right now! I just love the play on casual and dressy, with the nearly sweatshirt-esque top mixed with the lace skirt. The shoes, bag, and, of course, necklace are just the perfect complements!

I really like the color palette and sense of fun with the shoes in this look incorporating the Building Blocks Necklace! It’s a play on a classic look, done in a modern, young, fresh, fun way!

Well, I think that officially wraps up Necklace Week. I think it was quite fun! So, my question is : would you guys be interested in me doing something similar to this in the future (granted, it would be a little while, and not right away, of course). Let me know!

And finally, thanks again for your patience with me in my not completing Necklace Week in exactly one week! 🙂