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As I mentioned here, I’ve been on the lookout for an adorable new swimsuit. Problem is, I also want to keep the price down (if price weren’t an issue, I wouldn’t be stuck in this conundrum!). Today I came across a few suits I like, but problem is, they’re still not quite at a price point I’m in love with (I’m being cheap!). So, can you give your opinion on these suits?! I would so much appreciate it!?

 70s Ruffle Bikini Top - Roxy

70s Ruffle Bikini (from Roxy) – $42 for the top, and ?? for the bottoms

I love the 70s feel, as its name suggests, of this swimsuit. It’s unique, but not an in-your-face unique.

 Stop and Glow Solid Angel Bandeau Bikini Top - Roxy

Stop and Glow Solid Angel Bandeau Bikini (from Roxy) – $42 for the top, $36 for the bottoms

I like the cut of this one! With this top, I could go with one of two different bottoms. Which bottoms do you like better? The ones pictured above, or these?

 Stop and Glow Solid Retro Bikini Bottoms - Roxy

This suit also comes in a pink color I might consider:

 Stop and Glow Solid Angel Bandeau Bikini Top - Roxy

Which of those colors do you like better?

 Moonshadow Twisted Bandeau Bikini Top - Roxy

Moonshadow Twisted Bikini (from Roxy) – $40 for top, $34 for bottoms

Don’t you love the retro feel of this one?!

 Fire Dance Ruffle Bandeau Bikini Top - Roxy

Fire Dance Ruffle Bikini (from Roxy) – $46 for top, $38, for bottoms

This is cute, don’t ya think?!

Striped Halter Top & Ruched Stripe Bikini (from Gap) – $36.50 for top, $34.50 for bottoms
Again, a bit retro with this one…and stripes! Cute!
Contrast Retro Halter Top & Contrast Tab Hipster (from Gap) – $36.50 for top, $34.50 for bottoms
Yet again, retro inspired! I guess that’s a common theme….
Tiered Ruffle Bandeau & Essential Wide Tie Bikini (from Gap) – $36.50 for top, $32.50 for bottoms
The ruffles are what makes this one stand out in the crowd. But do you like them?
So: please tell me your thoughts! Should I keep looking?! Which do you think is the best investment?!
Thanks soooo much!
(And if you have any suggestions of other suits, let me know!)