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I’m sure many of you follow The Sartorialist. Therefore, while this picture may not be news to you, I feel like sharing it anyway (hope that’s okay!). There’s just something about this woman’s outfit that I love. Take a look.

Even if you hate the socks, aren’t you still entranced by the rest of the look – the skirt, bag, shoes, belt(s?), top, and sweater? I love how it’s seemingly pretty simplistic…nothing is overworked.

Do you like this photo as much as I do?

And in the spirit of this, why not do an inspired styling based on one of the photos from The Sartorialist?! I’ll give you a few looks that I think are divine – or simply ones that I think could make good inspiration. Then, you vote. Once the votes are in, I’ll style an Anthro look based on some street fashion!

In no particular order, here are the options (it was hard to narrow it down…I chose to use recent looks too, just so you know):


Option #2


Option #3


Option #4


Option #5


Option #6


And lastly, what have been your favorite looks lately on The Sartorialist?

(all photos from The Sartorialist)