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Some of you may have already seen this on A Cup of Jo, but I can’t help sharing…it’s too cute! Observe:

Womens idea of colour VS Mens

(image from here!)

Do you find this to be true? For the most part, I can safely say I do! 🙂

For example, look at this dress:

(Bocagrande Dress – $248)

Now, what would you call it? Personally, I would not just call it “pink”. Maybe “coral”? Anthro calls it “rose”, which I think fits nicely!

Now, what would some of the guys in your life call it? Probably, at least in my experience, you’d get a lot of “pinks” or even some other color, such as “orange”.

And don’t get me wrong though…I’m not trying to criticize guys in any way, shape, or form…I just find this difference in genders to be quite amusing (and again, I’m using generalizations…of course there are many exceptions!).

So what are some of your favorite colors? Rose? Pistachio? Eggplant? Evergreen? Sky? Bubblegum? Mint? Or, are you more of a straight-forward kind of girl – as in pink? red? orange? blue? Do tell! I’d love to hear!!!