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While I’m on vacation, I’m running a series of posts based on fantasy outfits for an exclusively Anthro outfitted vacation! To read more about this, click here! And please, even though I won’t be able to respond immediately, feel free to leave comments! Thanks, and enjoy!

Oftentimes on vacation, I end up doing some active things in addition to getting some relaxation. For these times, I want to wear clothing that allows for movement. Obviously, I don’t want or need to be too dressed up either, but I also want to wear something rather cute if possible.

Wearing something like this would be fabulous for an active day (biking, for example?!):

Lining-the-Field Scoopneck – $68

Compass Point Shorts (blue) – $68

Eyelet Lace-Ups – $40

First of all, for $176 at Anthro, this look is a steal! But anyway, with this look, there is no sacrifice of style! It’s simple, carefree, but also adorable!

After those active days though, it’s always nice to get a little dressed up for dinner. And seeing as how tonight is the last night of my vacation, why not dress up?! That’s right, today I’m doing a second styling!:

Baru Necklace (pink) – $498 (eek!)

Extended Shirt Dress – on sale for $99.95

Windowpane Wedges – $348

Fresh Coat Wallet (nude) – $78

I love complementing the blue of the dress with the pink-y/purple tones of the necklace and wallet. It makes for such a pretty combination…don’t you think? And who wouldn’t love wearing this to dinner after a long, active day?!

And onto our swimsuit of the day:

Pick Your Path Bikini – $138 for the top, $128 for the bottoms

This is a stunning suit. Really…just gorgeous!

See ya tomorrow!….