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Why, hello there, everyone! I’m so sorry to have left you hanging these past few days…I know excuses are excuses, but truth is I have been super busy, and will continue to be for a little while (and please know I do enjoy blogging…so I do want to post…time is the issue!).

Nevertheless, I’m happy to share with you today a few selected photos from my time in Grenada!


beautiful, huh?!


their Parliament building, destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2005


yet again, stunning!


at a fort...


what is it with me, islands, and rainbows?! (Dominica left one for me too!)

 In Grenada, I had the pleasure of river tubing…picture yourself in a floaty tube thing (very accurate description, right?!), going through pretty good size river rapids, all the while surround by gorgeous scenery. Yep, you guessed it…a thrilling and just truly wonderful experience.

As mentioned in the second photo above, Grenada was struck by Hurricane Ivan in 2005. You can definitely still see this on parts of the island, but I’m happy to say the people are bouncing back! I wouldn’t let this hinder someone from making a trip there!

Have any of you been to Grenada? Any of you thinking about going? (Please feel free to leave a comment/question/random statement/etcetera…you guys have been quite quiet lately! Thanks!)

Tomorrow I’m heading off on a quick road trip (as in, back home in just over 24 hours…it’s not a leisure trip). This means it’s quite likely I won’t be able to post at least until Sunday. However, if I’m able to get some more work done this afternoon/tonight, I hope to schedule a post to be published before then. Thanks for your patience! You truly all are awesome! 🙂