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…And we’re back to my recap of my vacation…today, we’ll look at Aruba, which was the last stop on my cruise before a day at sea and then a trip back home.

I think you’ll notice something about this selection of photos I’m sharing – that is, there’s a definite water theme. But hey, with water that gorgeous, I don’t think there’s any complaining!

What a beach!


The shades of blue are unreal...


Just beautiful, no?!


*Sigh* Oh, how I wish I was in that water right now!




No, your eyes did not deceive you one bit…the water was magnificent! If anything, the pictures don’t nearly do the water justice! And the water wasn’t just great in Aruba…really, it was stunning in all of the ports.

In Aruba, I went on a full day snail and snorkel. We went snorkeling at three different sights…one of which was a shipwreck. Even though it was from the ’40s, some oil still seeps out of it! I just found that so interesting! While it was cool to see the wreck, the rest of the snorkeling, while greatly fun and enjoyable, was not the most breath-taking I’ve ever seen while snorkeling. But don’t let that deter you from a trip to Aruba…I mean, hello!…did you not see the water?! (And if you need another testimonial, I believe Rosa just went to Aruba recently too…in fact, she shared some photos here!) And on the boat for the excursion, there was a rope swing off of which you could swing into the ocean…yep, it was a blast!

…So, anyone been to Aruba? Anyone thinking about going?