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I know many bloggers do their own version on Fridays of pulling inspiration from around the web. Well, today I thought I’d do the same…for the pure reason that I truly am inspired so much by internet finds. Hope you’ll take interest in my findings! …And remember, these are just a few of my favorites from the week…just a few!

Em Dickson announced she’s expecting a baby! How exciting! I just cannot wait to see some of her pregnancy fashion…I’m sure it’ll be fabulous! Congratulations!

I’m loving this skirt Carol pointed out today…it reminds me of the Million Pleats Midi I’ve been coveting (but with apprehension), but it seems like its cut would work a lot better for shorter girls such as myself. Its price though…not so accommodating, at $482.69!


Oh, how I’d love to be in Paris right now! …And Khatu’s pictures of her recent trip to Europe aren’t helping that matter!

Who knew? In Japan, apparently people tend to always be up for a game of rock-paper-scissors and, if you fake shoot them, they play along too! So funny…I love reading stories like these from Kristine. Or Polly.

I love Kim’s combination of pink and orange with the addition of green accessories! A bit unexpected, but it totally works! Love!

Hey! Did you guys realize Maria is getting married tomorrow?! I absolutely cannot wait to see her photos after the big day! And did you see her hair preview? Gorgeous!

I just love Krystal’s look with the striped skirt and nearly terra-cotta-esque colored top. Beautiful! It’s polished, classic and modern, and totally effortless. The bag really helps to complete the look!

I can always count on Joanna to show me some of her own internet finds. This resort in Italy is no different! I mean, look at those slides into the Mediterranean Sea! Absolutely incredible! Interestingly though, the hotel only has a 3.5 average star rating on TripAdvisor

Sign. Me. Up! I can just imagine how thrilling a ride that would be!

Have you found any especially intriguing pieces from around the web this week?!

And also: would you like me to do more posts like these (weekly? every other week? monthly?), or would you like me to stick to other topics? Honesty is appreciated!