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I have to start out by apologizing for my rather sporadic posting this past week. Life has been unusually busy for me…both in some wonderful ways but also in some more stressful ways. I’m not trying to complain either – that’s life – but I do hope you’ll forgive me! Unfortunately, I don’t see much more free time clearing up for me until later this week, hopefully on Thursday. Consequently, I’ve decided to plan out mini-posts each day until then. That means the good news is that there will be posts each day – hooray! – that I hope you’ll enjoy. The downside is that they will be short posts. I thank you for your understanding!

I’ll be kicking off the first of these posts later this afternoon! And guess what? All of the posts are about a lust item – but not from Anthro, surprise, surprise! I thought it would be fun to look at some great items from another store….after all, it’s good to take a break from what you love every once in a while to explore other options, right?!

Stay tuned for the first post in a few short hours……!!!!!