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It’s time for a bit of Anthro trend forecasting…but this time, with an emphasis on color!

Clicking on the “dresses” section on Anthro’s website, it’s apparent there’s a common thread, so to speak. Just look at the first four dresses pictured:

Do you see what I’m seeing? Pink-y-orange-y-coral and blue-green-not-quite-turquoise…a celadon color.

Interestingly, these colors are nearly complementary to one another; that is, they are almost opposites on the color wheel. This means that each color intensifies the other…which, in my book, is great for spring/summer. Don’t you love bright, cheerful prints?!

See how the colors are reversed? This is because the two colors are complementary to one another.

Looking on at the rest of Anthro’s dresses, this color theme continues:

And that’s only the color trend being picked up in Anthro’s dresses…not its whole selection! Obviously, I think this is a key trend Anthro’s pushing!

Personally, I like the color pairing…it has a nice fresh retro feel, while still being appropriate for summer. Having said that though, I don’t know how well it fits in with my personal style…I tend to go for darker colors (in general, not always). I definitely don’t have any major objections to it though!

So, my question is: what do you think of this color trend? Is it your style? Do you want to make it your style? Or, do you like one of the two colors, but not both? Or, do you absolutely hate both colors (separetly? together? both?)? I’d love to hear your opinion!