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Disclaimer: Before publishing it, but after writing it, I went back and read this post. Well, I can probably safely say this is just one of those posts where the writing follows my train of thought as I was typing – which, quite possibly, is not the most well-organized thing in the world. Forgive me (you might just find it a bit funny!)! Nevertheless, enjoy…

I told you on Friday how I was going out of town for the weekend…well, guess what? On my little trip, I saw a celebrity.

Okay, maybe she’s not a celebrity celebrity (know what I mean? like Angelina Jolie? Sandra Bullock? etc?), but a lot of you will probably know who she is. So does that count? Does that mean I saw a celebrity? Side note: Now that I keep typing “celebrity,” I’ve realized it’s quite a funny word. Don’t you think? Am I crazy? Try typing it 20 times in a row…okay, tangent=over.

Anyway, this is the lady – celebrity, or not – whom I saw:

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Recognize her?!

It’s Tabatha Coffey.

Originally, Tabatha, a hair dresser, was on the Bravo reality TV show called Shear Genius. Famous for being so harsh and outspoken, she got her own TV show (which I’ve actually never watched…) called Tabatha’s Salon Takeover.

So now, I ask: do I have any Tabatha fans? Or are you all going, “She is not a celebrity…who is she?!”

….But back to my sighting…

I was sitting in a hotel, by the elevators, having just eaten a delicious brunch in the hotel’s restaurant – light, airy waffles with a blueberry compote and mango crème fraiche, to be exact. Then, a woman started walking towards the elevator…and instantly, I recognized her as Tabatha (no last name was needed – simply, Tabatha). As she got in the elevator, I tried to peak once more at her, without being too obvious, of course. I think I managed to not be too creepy or anything, but my guess is she noticed me looking. After all though, don’t you think she’s used to it? She’s pretty darn recognizable! (In case you were wondering, her outfit wasn’t anything extremely unforgettable or drop-dead-gorgeous, but she looked put together…her clothes definitely matched her edgier hair cut.)

So no, I did not attempt running up to the elevator to talk with her or even say “hi.” Would you have tried to? Or would you have tried to play it cool like I did? Or, would have no idea in the world who she was?! Be honest! I’d love to hear the answers to these questions, as well as stories of any of your own random celebrity sightings!