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I hope you’ve all gotten a chance to look at my post from earlier today on the Nutella Cheesecake Layer Bars I made today. If not, I highly encourage you to at least go take a quick peak, as it relates to this post!

I’m all for combining my love of fashion (my first love) and my love of baking (my second love). Therefore, I thought I’d do an inspired styling based on those Nutella Cheesecake Layer Bars (which I’ll from here on out refer to as NCLB for conciseness’ sake). After all, I find these bars to be quite inspiring…1) they’re graphic with their three differently colored layers, 2) they’re luxurious, 3) I love their sophisticated color palate of cream and shades of brown.

So, I took this…

…and translated it into this!….

Arced Crosshatch Blouse – $148

Metier Chinos (brown) – $98

Oxer Heels – $398

Commuter Tote (navy…but looks rather black) – $348

Juxtaposed Gems Ring – $198

There is no doubt this look is not lacking in the sophistication or elegance department! All of the pieces, separately and together, seem polished. When put together though, they still feel effortless and not at all stuffy. The look gives off an aire of luxury and indulgence too though, which is found very much in the NCLB.

While I did take some liberties by changing up the color palette of the styling from the NCLB (I added black which the NCLB did not have), I still feel the ensembles evokes a similar feeling to the bars.

Now if only I could wear this look while chowing down on the bars…