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Happy Fourth of July, U.S. readers!!! Obviously, an inspired styling was mandatory! šŸ™‚

Check it out…

Single Round Necklace – $298

Thunderous Skies Dress – $138

Blushing Bloom Flats – $148

Woven Bar Bracelet (silver) – $88

As the base for your outfit, start out with this great dress. Add on a necklace, bracelet, and some pretty flats – great for walking, croquet, and/or lots of mingling, but still stylish. The great thing about the look as a wholeĀ is that it combines old and new – old as in nostalgia – i.e. tie-dye-esque top of dress – and new as in an unusual color play – instead of red, white, and blue, which can be predictable, blue, silver/gold, and pink is used. This new color scheme gives an ode to the holiday but is much more sophisticated – and original –Ā than the typical Fourth of July color palette. (Note: I’m not saying red, white, and blue can’t be done beautifully – they can!!! – instead, I’m saying a general statement. I don’t mean to offend anyone!)

One last [important] thought: thank goodness for the freedom the United States offers us, and all of the opportunities that come with it. Let’s not forget that, especially when we’re havingĀ a crummy day in the future!

Enjoy your day!….By the way, what are your plans?! I’d love to hear what this day has in store for you – even if you haveĀ the biggest plansĀ or the smallest plans!